He's "N"!

It might have been a while coming, but Nebraska has finally gotten their man from California. After a visit that opened his eyes, destroyed some stereotypes and he came away from the visit after almost committing, but knowing where he wanted to go. Well, the time spent between his return from Lincoln to California was spent asking questions and thinking about his decision.

There had been a lot of questions surrounding Cameron Meredith and they can all be put to rest now, he is "N". Meredith has agreed to be part of the Nebraska, 2008 class and is the 20th known commitment to Nebraska.

"I am a Husker," Meredith said. "After having talked to my parents about it, I really came back with there is no place like Nebraska."

"It's their tradition, their excellence as a program, the great players that they have produced, the coaches are all amazing and it's known for football. That is one of the biggest things for me."

The football aspect at Nebraska might provide Meredith with the best springboard to a possible professional career. That is one thing that Meredith definitely evaluated in his decision as well as just the opportunity to say "I played for Nebraska".

"Yeah, that is one thing. I want to play professional football. Also, growing up, when you have kids and you can tell people that you played for Nebraska. Not a lot of people get that chance."

"That is just one of those things that I realized. Not a lot of people get that opportunity (to play for Nebraska). Growing up in Nebraska, that is all they dream of. Luckily, I have that chance."

"I am thankful for that opportunity, to be a Husker. I pray about it every night. I am thankful for all that I have been given and this opportunity."

Meredith knows that it's really every in-state player from Nebraska's dream to play college football in Lincoln. He knows that they all look for that offer. In that perspective, and considering he had a lot of offers, he is looking forward to his chance to be a Husker.

"Lots of people wait around for that first offer and I got to make a choice. I was just very thankful that I got the opportunity to go and play for Nebraska. That's how much it means to me."

Meredith was accompanied on his trip to Lincoln by his parents. His parents were big on his decision to choose Nebraska. For everyone, Lincoln just fit Cameron for football and life.

"They went there, and my dad is good with people, he said that he could tell that all of those people were going to help me out. He saw their goals about academics and winning championships. They are telling you straight-up there."

"My dad felt really comfortable there with the people at Nebraska. He said to me that this is a big step for him. He wanted to feel good about who he was leaving his son with for the next five years. That was important for him."

"My mom is real conservative lady and so is the Midwest; they are hard-working and real straight-forward. I think that was what she really liked. She also loves football."

"When she got a chance to go out there to Nebraska she got a chance to really love the players, the coaches and the people."

Meredith has been "pegged" to play one of the defensive end positions at Nebraska, more than the other. He knows that the base end that was there last year, Adam Carriker, was a first round pick and put in a lot of hard work to get where he is today.

"Nebraska likes me as a base end. It motivates me all the more. That just proves that they have really great coaches out there and that they can really develop talent into a top performing athlete."

"They know how to get you ready, not just physically ready, but mentally ready as well. They obviously know what they are doing there because Adam Carriker came there as a high school quarterback and came out at about 300 pounds."

That development of Carriker, in the eyes of Meredith, again displays the attention that players can and will get at Nebraska. The goal is to make the players better from when they start out at Nebraska.

"There is just a lot of support there from the coaches to the players. They all want to make their players better. That is one of the things that I like too."

While the development physically is big to Meredith, so is the opportunity to play under coaches Kevin Cosgrove and Buddy Wyatt. They are great coaches and instructors of life.

"It's a privilege to be able to play for those coaches in Lincoln. It's pretty obvious that they are some of the best at what they do. Football is more than a game, it's really a lesson in life."

"It goes back to what my dad said about wanting me to be around the people of Lincoln for the next five years. I feel comfortable around them and so does my father."

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