Demens postpones his decision

There was a set date for Kenny Demens to announce his college intentions. It had come down to Michigan, Michigan State and Nebraska for his services. However, the first day of school was just going to be too soon for Demens to make an announcement. There are going to be a couple of official visits before he makes his commitment.

Kenny Demens, the 6-foot-1 and 225-pound linebacker from Beverly Hills (Mich.) Country Day HS, has just been doing football lately. It may just be practice right now, but he is just happy to be on the field.

"I have just been doing football," Demens said. "I am super excited to be playing again and back out on the field. I am so happy."

Last week, Demens mentioned that he has set his commitment date, but has since backed off of that announcement. Bottom line, he hasn't been able to come to a solid decision yet. He is planning on a couple of official visits.

"Yeah, I had wanted to commit on September 4th, but to be honest I won't be ready to commit by that date. I am going to wait until after some official visits."

"I want to go and check out the atmospheres of a couple of games. I just want to go and take in a lot of stuff and compare Michigan to Nebraska."

Demens says that he doesn't have an official visit set up yet for Michigan, but he might not have one set up until late one day just on a whim. When it comes to Nebraska, it's a little different circumstances.

"No, but the thing about Michigan is that it's 45 minutes away. I think that I will just set something up for the last minute with them."

"With Nebraska, I will set something up like a month or so in advance. I wanted to go up for the USC game, but I have the ACT that day."

"Right now, I think that I am going to the Kansas State game in November. That is the same weekend that Will Compton and Blaine Gabbert will be there."

The Nebraska commitments are still hard after Demens. In fact, he says that he has seen a noticeable increase in their calling since the Wolverines really entered the picture.

"Oh yeah, if anything they are harder after me since Michigan is in the picture. A month ago it was Nebraska in the lead by a mile, but ever since Michigan jumped backed in it was a full-court press."

Country Day will likely have one of the best teams in Michigan this year with some standout players. However, the team wants to focus on the efforts of the season as a unit and not as individuals.

"Our goals for this season is to eliminate the individual recognition and focus on the team. This is a team effort, make the sacrifice. We need to keep our heads on straight and win the state championship."

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