Bushell excited to see Nebraska

The best home game for Nebraska is becoming a popular one for official visits as well. USC weekend will allow Nebraska to bring in some of the bigger, remaining targets on their radar. One of those targets says that the game is a huge part of that weekend for him, but just as much will be spent on seeing the environment and if he is comfortable there.

Tonight is the first night for college football, but it seems it slipped someone's mind. Adrian Bushell wasn't busy watching any college games. He was busy on the computer.

"Oh man," Bushell said. "No, I am on the computer right now. I am missing the game. I am getting ready to go and watch it."

Last week, Bushell took the field with DeSoto (Texas) and played a little of everything. The 5-foot-11 and 180-pound athlete's presence was felt all over the field.

"We had a scrimmage. I had a touchdown and an interception. I played cornerback, running back and some receiver."

"I will be doing a lot of things for DeSoto this year. I will be doing returns, but we didn't do any special teams in the scrimmage."

Recruiting is steady for Bushell, but he's noticed a bit of a drop off since coaches can't text anymore. He is looking forward to getting some calls from schools at the start of next month.

"It's going about the same. It's gotten a little quiet since they can't text message. September 1 is coming up though."

"I am just looking forward to getting calls to see whose interested in me. That is what I am most interested in."

Official visits is something that Bushell has given some thought to. He has a pretty good idea who three teams are that will get an official visit from him.

"I think that I know about three. I would say as of right now I will visit Texas Tech, Nebraska and Florida."

Although Bushell knows of three teams that he would like to visit, he only has one set up as of right now. "I don't have any dates set up for Texas Tech or Florida. I am heading to Nebraska on September 14 for the USC game."

On the Nebraska visit, Bushell says that the game is one of the biggest reasons he wants to make the trip. More than that, he hasn't ever been to Nebraska and is interested in taking a look around the town.

"I am looking forward to seeing how they match up with a high-powered team. I want to check out the town and I want to check out the environment."

Bushell admitted that he has been contacted by a couple of the current commitments to Nebraska already. This might pick up as the official visit date nears. "I think that I got a couple calls from Nebraska commitments, maybe a text message or two."

Bushell got out a little this summer and saw a few places on unofficial visits, but is looking forward to taking his official visits this fall. "I took unofficial visits to Texas Tech, Texas A&M, SMU and Oklahoma State so far. That's it."

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