Woods clearing the air

It was a family trip, that is what D.J. Woods used to describe being at Ohio State yesterday for the Youngstown State game. For Husker fans, they gasp at the thought of Woods changing his commitment. Then stories are produced that aren't 100% accurate and the Husker Nation holds their collective breath.

D.J. Woods wants Nebraska fans to breathe a sigh of relief about his trip to Columbus (Ohio) yesterday to see Ohio State. Because of that trip he had to listen to the Nebraska 52-10 win over Nevada.

"I was listening to the Nebraska game in the car," Woods said. "We were on a family trip. It sounded like they were struggling in the first half, but dominated the second half of the game."

The family trip isn't trying to hide anything. Woods included that the family trip was to see Ohio State and there have already been some reports on the trip from what Woods said. Some, less than 100% accurate, reports.

"Yes, I was there (at Ohio State). Don't believe what is on the Internet right now. Some reporter called me and I gave an interview and it sounded like I was decommitting (from Nebraska)."

"There was another interview and I got asked questions about that report. Look, I am 100% committed to the Nebraska Cornhuskers."

Words can be twisted, and that seems to be the case with the other reports surrounding Woods' visit. He admitted that the visit went well, but his heart is still in Lincoln.

"I told the other reporter that we did have a good visit and that I spoke to Coach Tressel and they really want me. I told them I am a Cornhusker and that it's not going to change."

"The other reports made it sound like I was 50-50 or that I was going to decommit. That wasn't what I said at all."

Woods and his Strongsville (Ohio) team are already two games into the season. Woods had one game where just about everyone on defense was guarding him and another that probably showed that you should guard him with your entire defense.

"Yes we are 1-1 right now. The first game I had four catches for 70-some yards. They were triple-teaming me the whole game, the whole night."

"The second game I had 10 catches for 239 yards and two touchdowns. I am playing wide receiver, safety, long snapper, kick returner and punt returner."

Long snapper? Huh? The 6-foot-0 and 170-pound Woods with 4.4 speed is the team's long-snapper, but he doesn't want to give anyone any impression that he wants to do it in college.

"Don't even ask! I am trying to stay away from it. I just called Coach Joe Rudolph and he asked if I was going to long snap at Nebraska. I told him it wasn't going to happen. He laughed."

Woods is planning on being in Lincoln for the next home game. D.J. also already has his official visit set for one of the best weekend to make your official trip to meet the team and hang out.

"I am going to the USC game as an unofficial visit. I am going to take my official visit to Nebraska for the players' banquet in December."

Woods just wanted to clear the air and to set the record straight. The misinformation that is out there right now about him can be put to rest with this last set of comments regarding his commitment to Nebraska.

"I made the best choice for me, my family and for my future. My choice right now is to be a Cornhusker and that is not going to change."

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