Robinson checks out Lincoln

There were no official visitors for the first game for Nebraska, by design, but that doesn't mean that there wasn't anyone of significance in to see the game. There was a number of committed players of the class of 2008 and at least one, big formerly committed player that took the time to come to Lincoln. What were Trevor Robinson's thoughts on Lincoln?

One of the biggest targets on Nebraska recruiting board for 2008 was in town on Saturday for the Nevada game. Trevor Robinson took the time to come in From Elkhorn (Nebr.) to see the game.

"It went pretty well," Robinson said. "Anytime you can get back to see a game at Memorial Stadium it's nice."

"Obviously the environment there is something that is good about Nebraska. The game kind of started slow, but they ended up doing pretty well."

One thing that had to stand out to Robinson, as well as the other 85,000+ there in Lincoln, was the play of the offensive line. Trevor said the line's play was evident in both the passing and running game.

"The offensive line did very well. The passing game did well, but they did particularly well in the running game. Anytime you can have a running back go over 250 yards you must be doing pretty well."

Robinson was in Lincoln with a family member, but also some other familiar faces in Lincoln that were there on unofficial visits. "I went there with my little sister. I was talking to some other recruits there like Collins Okafor, Sean Fisher and Dan Hoch."

There wasn't a lot of talk of encouragement by the other unofficial visitors for Trevor to recommit. He said that one brought it up. "I don't know, Collins is really the only one that said much about that. He's a character. He always makes it interesting."

Elkhorn had a tough game to start off the season. Robinson will be big to the success that Elkhorn will have this year because of his influence on the offensive and defensive lines.

"We won in overtime, 35-28, against Beatrice. I am playing offense and defense. I did pretty well on defense. I got a sack in the first half and blocked a field goal."

Robinson said that there aren't any plans yet for official visits. However, there is an upcoming unofficial visit date for him in two weeks that will bring him back to Lincoln again.

"Right now, I don't have any other game visits set up for Notre Dame or Michigan. My next plan is to be in Lincoln for the USC game. That is scheduled for an unofficial."

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