Okafor turning it on

One of the first commitments in the Nebraska 2008 class was Omaha (Nebr.) Westside running back, Collins Okafor. It's easy, at that point, to relax. The hard work is over. You have your scholarship and you know where you are going, but that isn't Okafor. He's used it as incentive and is going out for every game as the starting running back on the #1 team in the state.

Early commitments always get a little glossed over and that's not really fair. Collins Okafor made his decision early in the process and was in Lincoln on Saturday for an unofficial visit.

"It was nice," Okafor said. "Quentin Castille was a beast and Marlon Lucky did what was to be expected from him and had a huge game. He'll be a great pro running back."

As far as attending the game, Okafor has been there before. While he's experienced the Sea of Red there is still something that is indescribable when it comes to attending a Nebraska game.

"Every Husker game is an expected sell out. I went to a couple of games last year and it's always crazy. There are always some things that words just can't explain."

In a previous interview on Big Red Report with Trevor Robinson, Robinson mentioned that Okafor may have been the only unofficial visitor to mention recruiting. What did Okafor say to him?

"I just went up and asked him how many running backs he knew from Michigan and he said none. I asked him how many running backs he was cool with from Notre Dame and he said none."

"I asked him how many running backs he knew from Nebraska and he said one. And I told him 'Yeah, and that's me. One is better than none. The one running back you know is from Nebraska and you are cool with him."

Okafor has plans to make it to Lincoln for at least two more games. The game in two weeks will be another unofficial and later in the season he will be making it back to Lincoln for an official visit.

"I am going to two more games for sure. Those games are USC, for an unofficial visit, and to Oklahoma State and that will be my official visit." Okafor admitted that he didn't work as hard, overall, this summer in comparison to last summer. He did some fine-tuning to help out his game overall to get better technically as a running back.

"My workouts this summer weren't as intense as last year. It was just the clean up and things and the little things that I needed to work on this summer."

Omaha (Nebr.) Westside is the number one team in the state, Class A. Okafor says that the bulls-eye is on his mind a little bit, but he and the team have been keeping things in perspective.

"Other teams probably have other thoughts and views about it, but I think that it's a whole bunch of bums and we are that rich boy with the loaf of bread that they want to eat."

"If they don't have that loaf of bread then they are going to starve. Every win is more bread that stays on our loaf and less bread out of the teams' hands."

There is little doubt, Okafor and Westside will get their opposing team's best efforts on the night they play. Good thing for Westside they are on top of their game. "They are shooting at us, but we are shutting teams down. We are rolling right now and no one can stop us."

Okafor said that the season, to this point, is perfect. He had a really good game statistically in his last contest, but before that he struggled a little bit in the first game of the season.

"We are 2-0. In the last game, I ran for around 141 yards against Lincoln Southeast. Our first game was against Omaha Burke and it wasn't a good game. We have Omaha Northwest next."

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