TE wants to do it all

How good of a tight end do you have to be to be rated as one of the best, but have few opportunities to catch the ball? Just ask Standberry as his school's "wishbone" offense demands a lot from him, but when it comes to catching the ball, he has to make the most of his chances. Tremayne's worth as a TE though have not been solely evaluated on how he catches, but how he does everything else. So, put him in an offense that actually uses everything, your probably going to see something special.

Tremayne Standberry - TE - 6-4, 240, 4.8/40 - Lewisville, TX. - In a variety of offenses, receivers and tight ends can end up being glorified blockers. The TE becomes basically a third or even fourth tackle, learning how to block more than catch. Tremayne's role fits squarely into that, but it doesn't bother him, because he knows it's good for the team. "They don't hardly ever use me as a tight end, so I am more like a tackle." Standberry said. "But, don't let it fool you. I have good hands and I can get open if I need to."

Standberry's contributions to the team are not restricted to offense as a coach would be remiss to not use someone of his size and athleticism on either side of the ball. So, with that philosophy, Tremayne has played DE along with DT or as he stated, "Wherever I need to play."

Tremayne's size and speed certainly make him potentially a boom for any team, plus the fact that he has had so much experience blocking in a run-oriented offense, his drive blocking and ability to block down field are just that much better. What you have is potential and a lot of it with Tremayne and that incredible "up side" is has schools clamoring about for his attention.

Of the schools looking at him, three schools stick out mainly for Tremayne. Texas A&M, Nebraska and LSU. Tremayne did say that of those currently on our list as his favorites, LSU has obviously jumped in while Colorado, TCU and West Virginia have fallen off the board to an extent.

Standberry hasn't scheduled any visits, but said that the Aggies and the Huskers are prime candidates for two of his officials and hasn't given too much thought as to the rest. Standberry's blocking skills are what has him so highly recruited, but as he said, he's determined to make everyone see the rest. "I can do it all from the position, I just need the opportunity."

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