Christopher taking first official

A couple of years ago, Dennis Wagner from Nebraska went into Las Vegas and got Mike Smith. This year, Nebraska is looking around again and has found an athlete at Las Vegas (Nev.) Canyon Springs. While he will get the athlete title, there are some preferences on the field where he would like to play. What is he looking forward to about his visit to Lincoln?

The Huskers are once again out in Las Vegas looking for recruits. This year they are after Devonte Christopher, an athlete from Las Vegas (Nev.) Canyon Springs. So far, Christopher has helped his team to a .500 record.

"We have played good," Christopher said. "We already have a loss and we're 1-1, but we really just beat ourselves. We had a lot of penalties."

"I kind of know what my stats are. I had 360 passing and four touchdowns. I had another 65 yards rushing and another touchdown. I would say 260 or so passing and a touchdown with 165 rushing with two more touchdowns in the second game."

Some schools are looking at the 6-foot-0 and 175-pound Christopher to play defense. However, Christopher isn't known for playing defense. "I am not playing any defense at all."

This weekend Christopher will be taking his first official visit. He will be heading out to Lincoln to see Nebraska take on USC.

"Yeah, I am taking an official to Nebraska this weekend. I am looking forward to meeting the players and meeting the coaches that have been recruiting me."

"I am really looking forward to meeting the president of the dental school there. I am planning on majoring in dentistry in college. I just want to get an overall feel for the school."

There are two coaches at Nebraska that are recruiting Christopher. He has been told that they like him to play one of two positions potentially at Nebraska.

"Coach Joe Rudolph and Coach Phil Elmassian have been recruiting me. They are recruiting me to either play receiver or defensive back."

Christopher has his preference on which position he would like to play in college, but if he couldn't get it he would prefer another. Just, not defense.

"I would rather play quarterback, but if I couldn't play there it would be receiver. I just feel like I can give more to a football team with the ball in my hands."

Christopher says that while some schools do like him as a quarterback that it doesn't hurt a school's chances to get him if they aren't recruiting him as a quarterback.

"Not really. There are some schools that are recruiting me to play quarterback and there are some other schools that like me at some other positions."

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