Givens excited about upcoming visit

The Nebraska recruiting class really started out with a bang last fall and really hasn't let up. One of the first commitments to Nebraska will be there this weekend for his official visit. He is looking forward to see Nebraska potentially upset the top ranked team in the nation and also get a chance to meet up with the other recruits that will be in this weekend.

It's sometimes hard to stay excited about early commits, but when they are still pursued by the likes of Florida and Texas you remain interested in them. This weekend, Bryce Givens will visit Nebraska officially.

"Yeah, I am going out to Lincoln for my official," Givens said. "I know that Josh Williams, D.J. Woods might be there, pretty sure Blaine Gabbert will be there, Will Compton, Jonas Gray and Trevor Robinson might all be there."

Givens has only been to Nebraska a couple of times before and never for a real game. He came out for a spring game and really enjoyed that two years ago. However, a real game has Givens really looking forward to the visit.

"I have never been out to a real game before in Lincoln. I have been out to one of their spring games, not this year, but last year I was there. I have been to Lincoln one other time besides the spring game."

"I hear that it's just crazy there. The whole sea of red and everything. I have only been up there for a spring game and that was just outrageous. That was only a scrimmage."

This weekend may be more exciting than some of the others. Nebraska is hosting the top team in the nation, according to the polls, and Givens just doesn't know what to expect.

"I really don't know what to expect this weekend. Like I said, I have heard that it's just outrageous out there on game days and I am just really, really excited about going there."

While the game will be big for the weekend, Givens says that meeting all of the other recruits is just as big for him. He wants to put a face to the name after having spoken to most of them on the phone before.

"Just meeting up with up with all of the other guys. I have just been talking to a lot of the other recruits over the phone and keeping a relationship that way, but it will be good to meet them."

"I already know the coaching staff and I have already seen all of the facilities. I am still excited to get back and see it all again, but it's pretty much the recruits that will be the biggest part of the visit for me."

Trevor Robinson looked up Bryce Givens while he was out in Colorado on vacation this summer. Givens says that he is looking forward to talking to Trevor again this weekend and he will be in his ear about committing to Nebraska again.

"Most definitely I am looking forward to talking with him. When he came out here he had already decommitted. We talked about it and that was his decision."

"Definitely, I am going to try and hound him and try the 'Come on man, you don't want to go to another school'. I want him on my team. I am going to do my best to have it that way."

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