Harper will be in for an unofficial

One of the most explosive players in the Midlands Region is Chris Harper. Harper, who plays quarterback for Wichita (Kans.) Northwest might project to play another position in college, but that is where his versatility comes into play. Harper could move around and play a lot of positions to a team that wants to bring him in. This weekend he will be in Lincoln to see Nebraska play USC.

It's always busy for Chris Harper. If he isn't conditioning and playing AAU basketball, he is busy with the football season and going through his recruiting.

"Just doing the season and trying to get some visits in," Harper said. "We are undefeated so far, 2-0. In the last game, I was 6-for-8 for 100 yards passing and a touchdown. I was 15 for 105 yards rushing."

Harper has one of his five official visits set up already. It will come later this month. "I set up an official visit for Notre Dame. That is the game against Michigan State on September 21."

While he has one official set, he is going to be on an unofficial visit this weekend to see Nebraska. "This weekend I am going to the USC game up in Nebraska. That will be my first chance to get to Lincoln, ever."

"It should be a pretty good game. There are two, top teams playing against eachother. It should be pretty crazy with about 90,000 fans there."

"I just hear about their game days and I am anxious to see it. I just want to experience the atmosphere. I want to see the Sea of Red. I will need to wear some red."

Nebraska is bringing in a fairly large list of official and unofficial visitors this weekend. Harper has met with one of the Nebraska commitments before at a camp.

"I have spoken to Blaine Gabbert. He was just telling me about how Nebraska wanted me and the recruiting class a little bit; how good their team is going to be. I have met him before. I met him at the Nike camp in Columbia, Mo."

Harper wasn't sure, but he said that there might be another visitor that could potentially be coming up from Kansas.

"I know hat Bryce Brown was trying to go the game, but I don't know about that still. I don't know about Arthur, but I do know that Bryce was trying to go."

If Harper has a good time this weekend, it is possible that Nebraska might get one of the remaining four official visits. However, he would like to save those visits for schools that are further away.

"Maybe, but I am planning on taking a lot of unofficial visits to the schools that are a little closer. It's not really about top-tier schools, it's just distance."

Harper says that where a school wants to play him might have a little bit of an impact on where he goes. In the end though, it will be a decision that is best for him.

"Schools that are recruiting me as a quarterback have a bit of an advantage. When it comes to making a decision, I am going to do what is best for me."

"Notre Dame's plan is to move me around a lot. My primary position would be as a receiver. I want to talk to Nebraska about that this weekend."

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