Williams enjoys official visit

Nebraska is looking for players to add to the defensive line to get up-field and pressure the quarterback. On Saturday night, Nebraska could have used some help across the defensive line to slow down the USC running game or get some pressure on the quarterback. A player that could be looked to provide that spark next year might be Josh Williams who was in town for an official visit this weekend.

One of the committed players that was in Lincoln for his official visit this weekend was Josh Williams. Williams, a 6-foot-4 and 240-pound defensive end from Denton (Texas) Ryan was back home already on Sunday.

"I am back at the house now," Williams said. "I had a layover in St. Louis and got back to Dallas a while ago."

The visit, despite the loss, was great for Williams. One of the main reasons he wanted to make the trip this weekend was because of all of the other visitors that were in town.

"It was great, man. I got a chance to meet all of the commits, other recruits and I had a lot of fun."

"I got a chance to finally meet Bryce Givens, Blaine Gabbert, Will Compton, D.J. Woods, Cameron Meredith, Dion Jordan, Devonte Christopher and Marc Anthony."

Another of the visitors that Williams had a chance to speak with was Trevor Robinson. Robinson, formerly a Nebraska commitment, was getting some encouragement to re-commit this weekend.

"I got a chance to talk to Trevor Robinson. We were putting the clamps down on him pretty good. I think that he will be a Husker, again. I am not 100% about it, but I think that he will."

Christopher, Jordan and Anthony, who were in on officials, got a chance to meet a core of Nebraska commitments that is a very cohesive unit. All of the commitments reached out to try and influence their decisions.

"I got a chance to talk to the guys that aren't committed about everything. We talked about life, football and just about their neck of the woods. We just wanted to start that relationship."

"I thought that they were all having a really good time on their trip. If it was up to me, I would say that they will all commit to Nebraska at some point."

The game didn't go the way that the Huskers wanted, but there were pieces of encouragement to take away from it. Williams saw the potential that is out on the field.

"I see a good team and they are an up and coming team. It seemed like they keep getting better and better and there is a lot of potential out on that field."

Williams also got a chance to envision how he fits in at Nebraska now and in the future. He thinks that his ability on the field can help out at Nebraska.

"I think that I can come in and definitely provide a good pass rush for Nebraska. I think that I can also help out in defending the run, also."

This was the second time that Williams has been to Nebraska. On the first trip, he committed. Was there something that he wanted to get another look at on his trip?

"No, not really. My thing on my official visit was to get up there and to really meet all of the commitments. I was 100% good to go on everything else."

Williams wasn't alone on his trip. His mother, who went to Nebraska on his unofficial, went with him on his official visit as well. She came away impressed, again.

"She loves it there. She thinks that everything is just great about Nebraska. She loved the game and the atmosphere at Nebraska."

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