Christopher gives rave review of Nebraska

Nebraska was supposed to host a pair of teammates from Las Vegas (Nev.) Canyon Springs, but that didn't happen. The Huskers settled for one and then proceeded to amaze him on his visit. Following his official visit, which he rated off the charts, he says that it's really down two and that a decision should come following a visit to that other school.

Devonte Christopher made it to Lincoln while Raevon Samuel did not. Christopher, the 6-foot-0 and 175-pound athlete from Las Vegas (Nev.) Canyon Springs said that the visit went well.

"I really enjoyed my visit," Christopher said. "First of all, I liked the fans. They were very loyal despite the loss. I also met with the President of the Dental School. They have a lot to offer."

Christopher and the other six official visitors saw Nebraska fall to the top team in the nation, USC, at home. Despite the loss, it didn't take away from the weekend at all.

"Absolutely not. I thought that they played hard. I thought that Coach Bill Callahan did a good job coaching and that the guys all played hard."

There were six other official visitors for Christopher to meet with and almost another 20 unofficial guests. Christopher said that a group inside the group hung out a lot over the weekend.

"Everybody was cool. I met with Josh Williams, Blaine Gabbert, Jonas Gray, Collins Okafor, D.J. Woods, Will Compton, and Bryce Givens. We were all together all night."

"When we were walking through the stadium, everyone was cheering. We hung out after the game and shot pool at a guy's house. After that we were hanging out at the hotel and watching T.V. together."

The Huskers haven't pinned down where Christopher might play for them except telling him that it is one of a couple positions. Either way, Christopher thinks that he could each position at Nebraska.

"Nebraska is looking at me to play cornerback and receiver. I think that I could fit right in at Nebraska. I know that they are losing three corners and receivers this season."

"Wherever I could get on the field the quickest is where I would want to play. I think that I could play either offense or defense at Nebraska."

One of the high points to the trip was getting a chance to sit down with the head coach. Christopher said that it was good knowing Coach Callahan's background before coming to visit.

"Meeting Coach Callahan was just great. It was great knowing that he had coached in the NFL and made it to a Super Bowl before. He's down to Earth and said that a lot of guys come to his house to go fishing and stuff."

Christopher didn't take the trip to Nebraska alone. He traveled with his mom who was just as impressed as her son with the visit to Nebraska.

"I went with my mom to Nebraska. She loved it. She really couldn't believe that the fans were calling my name at the game, giving me high fives and everything."

On a scale of one to 10, Christopher said that the visit was off the charts, really off the charts. "It was like a million."

With a visit that went about as good as it could, Christopher has some things to discuss and think over. Another visit is probably going to happen in the coming week as well.

"I am definitely heading back home to talk about things with my coaches and my family. I will take a visit to Stanford in the next two to three weeks. It's between Nebraska and Stanford right now. I can totally see myself going to Nebraska."

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