Harper talks about Nebraska

Having a basis for comparison coming into his unofficial visit to Lincoln was helpful for Chris Harper. Harper went and saw a lot of games last year, unofficially, and from that had a bit of a benchmark for some things. While Harper had seen some other places last year, it's obvious that the game atmosphere in Lincoln really opened his eyes.

Chris Harper made the early morning drive to Lincoln on Saturday morning to take an unofficial to Nebraska. The athlete from Wichita (Kans.) Northwest, said the trip went well.

"I went up there on Saturday morning," Harper said. "The trip went pretty good. That was the biggest crowd I have ever seen."

"I have been to Kansas State and a bunch others last year. I couldn't even say them all, I have been to see a lot of games."

Besides the crowd, the fans knew who Chris Harper was. The Nebraska fans knew who the recruits were and wanted to welcome them to Lincoln.

"We got to walk through the tunnel that the players come out. Fans were lined up along the fence on the sideline and they were shaking our hands, knew our names and that was cool."

That show of support for the recruits is something that really impressed Harper. "It just lets you know that the fans support you, that they care about their team and it's players."

The game went down as a loss for Nebraska, but Harper said that the loss didn't overshadow the overall weekend. "No it didn't. Everyone knows that USC is a pretty good team. That didn't take away anything from Nebraska. Nebraska did a lot of good things too."

The Nebraska trip is just kicking things off for Harper who has back to back official visit weekends coming up. "I have an official visit coming up. On Friday, I go to visit Notre Dame. The Friday after that I am going to Illinois."

Other than trips to see Notre Dame and Illinois, Harper isn't really sure where he will take his remaining official visits. He knows that he has to sort that out.

"I'm not sure right now. I was trying to think about that and I was thinking about Kansas State, but I am not sure about that one yet."

"I just have to take a real good look at it. One of the reasons why I am not so sure is because of the number of teams that are interested in me."

One of the reasons the official visits might need to be sorted out is because of the positions Harper is being recruited to play. He has heard a number of positions on offense and defense.

"Nebraska told me wide receiver when I was there and they have said athlete. Going some place will really depend what I know a school wants me as."

"I really want to play offense. Lots of people tell me that I could play linebacker and safety. Some people even like me as a defensive end."

Harper could project to play defensive end given his latest measureables, however it seems he would like to stay on the offensive side of the ball. "I am up to 6-foot-3 and around 225-pounds, right now."

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