Monday Morning Quarterback: McNeese State

Okay, let's all collectively get excited now because Jammal had a bust-out game. Against McCheese State. <BR><BR> The Huskers wore a mask Saturday. Like Jim Carrey. It was the mask of a well-tuned offense, giving a misguided impression of strength…but it was the opposition that provided it. That was not the real Jammal Lord, or the real NU offense.

Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that they were able to get it together and win another game. Need a few more to be Bowl-eligible. But McCheese? Save all the hype about "they had a guy who first signed with Florida!" One good player doesn't make a quality opponent. Any way you cut it, Nebraska's second team D puts up a tougher test for Jammal than the Cheese-burgers.

The offense (save STILL for the I-Backs) did only what they were supposed to do. Well, almost. Scoring 38 points? That should have happened by half time.

Any way you cut it, this offense is not where it needs to be. By Saturday. Anyone else watch Mizzou push Oklahoma around?

Jammal still doesn't get it – and he remains the main reason the running game is lousy unless he scrambles.

Nebraska's offense is not that complicated. Coach sends in the play, QB tells the team what play's been called, QB takes team to the line, survey's the defense, and decides if said play is going to work, or should be changed. Not changed from a run to a pass mind you. Nothing that complex. Just changed so an option or pitch play, for instance, is not run into the teeth of the defense. For example, if a stretch play (run) is called to the strong side, but the D is stacked that way, QB checks off to a stretch or pitch play to the weak side. In other words, run the play to the side where our guys out number their guys.


Not for Jammal. He just doesn't get it. Over and over and over again, Jammal – who comes to the line and actually points at his ‘hot read' almost every play – runs the play into the teeth of the defense. What's worse, opponents (who see all these tendencies on film each week) have begun to "spy" him – meaning a linebacker or DB just shadows him all over the field, preventing him from scrambling effectively.

What's that? Didn't I see that he rushed for 200 + last week?

Like I said, McCheese. Make that Mc-Swiss-Cheese.

Unless things (Jammal) improve a lot by Saturday, it could be another long day. There's a lot of wood for the offense to chop before the Tigers come to town. If you saw the MU-OU game, you are scarred to death of Brad Smith. The Mizzou freshman QB – who the Troy Staters said was better than Seneca Wallace – is the real deal (they did not mention Jammal in the same sentence). Smith had 200+ on the ground against OKLAHOMA! (How many did Crouch gain last year?)


If the NU offense does not develop some consistency, drive the ball (for points) and keep the Mizzou offense off the field, NU is in for another thrashing…before heading (on the road again – yea!) to Stillwater to play a team that beat OU last year and almost beat Texas Saturday. Heading to A&M at 4-4? Could happen.

That's because, for some reason, Frank is locked in to Jammal as his QB. They have smarter, and more savvy players playing behind him, but they're all guys who do not have Lord's raw ability. In a perfect Big Red World, that raw ability would be showcased at wide receiver - very soon.

TRUE FANS: What's up with Bill Bryne? Gave all of us a collective "SHADDUP" this week, didn't he? I said it last week, and I will say it again. The Husker fans have to stay focused on the team as never before. True fans don't give up the ship during hard times, and they don't do what Bryne said either, and sit back quietly and say only nice things because someone important might be listening and get their feelings hurt.

Sorry Bill, but true fans – and Nebraska has more than anyone in the nation, including ND – have high expectations, because we know that it's our undying support that keeps Nebraska near the top. We have the right to be unhappy, and if things don't improve, demand change. Again, it was only three years between NU beating OU BY 60, and them winning a National Championship. That quick turnaround did not happen because the Sooner fans were not allowed to be ‘negative' about Jeff Blake and his mess. True OU fans demanded change, got it, and things turned around in a big way.

It's constructive criticism, Mr. Bryne. Live with it…and be happy we care so much.

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