Gray enjoyed visit to Nebraska

If there is a word that is being floated around more than others right now when talking about the Nebraska football team, it's leadership. You can never have enough leaders. You need them on both sides of the football as well. Jonas Gray says that he can bring that to the table to Nebraska. Gray is excited about bringing it to Nebraska.

The Huskers hosted four commitments for the USC game and Jonas Gray was one of them. The 5-foot-1 and 215-pound running back from Beverly Hills (Mich.) Country Day said he wished he could take a trip to Lincoln more often.

"I definitely liked it a lot," Gray said. "It was really a lot of fun. I wish that I could go back there more."

"I wish that I could stay there, or at least stay closer to Nebraska, so I could get back every weekend, but the official visit was definitely good."

Gray went to Lincoln this summer for an unofficial, but there are definitely some things that you can't get a feel for on unofficial visits in the summer. Gray had some things he wanted to experience in Lincoln.

"I wanted to get a chance to get to know the players a little more. There were also some things that I hadn't seen before. I also wanted to meet some of the commits and recruits."

One of the things that Gray needed to see that he hadn't seen before was a game in Memorial Stadium. "The biggest thing was the atmosphere of the game. That was really it, along with getting to know the players."

"The atmosphere was crazy. The whole game was crazy, even when the team got down the atmosphere was crazy. I have been to good games before. I have seen Ohio State at Michigan State and Michigan at Notre Dame. Those were some good games."

Most of the Nebraska commitments have been in contact with one another. Gray said that one of the commitments that he has spoken to, but never met, was one of the people he had to meet in Lincoln.

"I definitely wanted to meet Blaine Gabbert. I had met Will Compton before, but I wanted to see him again. I also wanted to meet the other commits."

"There were all of the offensive line commits, like Bryce Givens and Dan Hoch, that were there. But, I definitely wanted to meet Blaine. We had spoken a lot."

Gabbert and Gray hit it off and talked about similar goals that they have for themselves and the team when they get to Lincoln. They think that they also bring leadership qualities to the table.

"We both talked about how we couldn't wait to get to camp in Lincoln. We want to try and make an impact early. We both have leadership abilities and we want to lead to championships."

The game against USC didn't end the way Husker fans wish it had. For Gray though, it makes a difference in how you compete. He thought the Huskers never gave up.

"It depends on how they finish. It depends on how they lose and if it's close. I want to make an impact and help out and I think that the other guys do as well."

Country Day is rolling and so is Gray. He is averaging nearly 200 yards rushing a game. "We are 4-1 through five games. I have 917 yards rushing with 12 total touchdowns and 11 of those are rushing touchdowns."

Of course there is always the topic of Country Day team mate, Kenny Demens. According to Gray, Demens is nearing a decision and has actually set an announcement date.

"He actually has set up a press conference for this Saturday. I really don't know where he is going to go. It's between three schools."

"Some people say that he is leaning towards Michigan, but I don't think that he is leading that way. I am kind of confused and I can't read him that well."

While Gray admits that he is a bit confused in trying to read Demens, who is keeping everything to himself, Gray thinks that Nebraska has a very good chance to get Kenny's commitment.

"I think that Nebraska definitely has a chance still. I think that Nebraska has a really good chance that Kenny will be a Husker."

Nebraska already has a strong group of commitments at linebacker, however Gray says that Demens' style is complimentary to some of those that are already committed and would be a great fit.

"He would definitely bring a lot to the table. He brings the opposite thing that Will Compton brings. Will brings that psycho mentality and Kenny brings the laid-back, smooth type of play-making ability."

Interestingly, Gray said that Demens plans to make his announcement at a closer high school and not at Country Day this Saturday. "It's down at one of the more local high schools, not at Country Day. It's at Oak Park, his brother's high school."

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