Could Johnson make it in this weekend?

The Huskers are looking for some help in the secondary. Nebraska has had their eyes peeled on a lock-down cornerback from Largo (Flor.). Originally, this cornerback wanted to make it in for USC, but it didn't work out. Now he is looking at upcoming weekends and is saying that a Nebraska visit might be right around the corner.

One of the more intriguing players that Nebraska has left on their board is Leonard Johnson. The three-star rated cornerback from Largo (Flor.) was in Iowa State the other weekend.

"Yes sir, I went to Iowa State," Johnson said. "I loved every bit of that trip. I liked everything. I bonded real well with the coaches and I fit in."

Johnson has been thinking this out a bit and wanted to take at least a couple of trips before potentially committing. It's always been his plan to see Nebraska following Iowa State.

"It's still a plan to go and see Nebraska after taking the official visit to Iowa State. I haven't set up the trip to Nebraska yet, though."

This weekend, Nebraska actually plays Iowa State, and it would be an ideal weekend for Johnson to visit, but it will be tough to considering his game the night before.

"It would be good to make it in this weekend because they play Iowa State. Because it's in the morning though it would be tough."

"I have a game, late that Friday night. That is why I took my visit to Iowa State the other weekend because I didn't have a game that Friday."

According to Johnson, there are two that are standing out on his list of favorites. "I would call both Nebraska and Iowa State my favorites."

After seeing Ames, and hearing a lot about Nebraska from one of his coaches, Johnson is excited to see some things about game day in Lincoln. He is also interested in the academic side and how that works with football players.

"First of all, I know that their fan base is crazy and I know that I want to see that. I also want to see the academic program and how well they work with football players."

Getting to Nebraska this weekend might not be possible for Johnson this weekend, but an opportunity is coming up. Johnson is going to call Nebraska soon to talk about setting up his date.

"I don't have any byes coming up. It's either two or three weeks coming up that we have a game on a Thursday night. I don't know if it's the 13th or the 20th of October."

"I am going to talk to the coach then and see when I can get up there for my official visit. I will call them and talk about it."

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