Huskers will host Texas lineman this weekend

More often than not, it's appropriate to say "big" in front of the word "Texas". It's really appropriate when it comes to describing this lineman that will be in Lincoln this weekend. The Huskers are still looking to grab another lineman or two and this weekend might be a piece to that puzzle. Who is this lineman?

Nebraska might only be hosting a single visitor this weekend, but he's a biggun'. Brandon Thompson, a 6-foot-6 and 280-pound lineman from The Woodlands (Texas) will be in Lincoln this weekend.

Thompson said that he has been anticipating this trip for a while now. Once Nebraska offered Thompson, he wanted to go visit, but couldn't make the trip work.

"Yeah, I am going to Nebraska this weekend," Thompson said. "I am really looking forward to checking out Nebraska. I really wanted to get to Lincoln this summer, but I didn't have the chance."

The Nebraska offer has Thompson excited to just check out everything in Lincoln this weekend. "I was real excited about their offer and I am excited to go up there to meet the coaches, the players and watch the game."

It's easy to tell, talking to Thompson, that Nebraska is a favorite to him. One of the biggest reasons he likes Nebraska so well is because of their history of producing big offensive lineman.

"Yeah, it's true they are one of my top favorites. I just really like the tradition there. I know that the program for offensive lineman is really good there."

Thompson said that he has heard about game days in Lincoln, but he wants to experience it himself. "I heard that there are a lot of fans there, it's pretty loud there and they're crazy. I am looking forward to seeing a game there."

This weekend will be difficult to host a lot of players, because of the early start time. However, Thompson and his team play on Thursday night making it possible to travel. "We play on Thursday, so I can get up there on Friday for the early morning game on Saturday."

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