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Check out the Iowa State Post Game Audio collection as players and coaches talk about the Husker victory over Iowa State

If you thought the 93-yard run back for a touchdown by senior linebacker Bo Ruud was impressive, try being the over 300-pound defensive lineman who led him all the way. That's what nose tackle Shukree Barfield was doing, and as great a feat as it was, just to make it without having a heart attack, he said he was just doing his job.

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After giving up over 600 yards to Ball State, the questions and criticisms came on like wildfire for Defensive Coordinator Kevin Cosgrove. There were some questions about how this team would respond. And following comments by senior linebackers Corey McKeon and Steve Octavien during the week, if this team even had the heart to. Well, there's nothing which will test a defense like being on the field for more than 100 plays. And there were defensive plays abound. Not a bad rebound after all.

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Everyone knew freshman Adi Kunalic had a great leg. They found out just how good it was twice against Iowa State. The first time came when Kunalic got a touchback, but this one was against a 30-mph wind. The second time came with the wind, which normally wouldn't sponsor any awes. This one did as it sailed right through the uprights. Kunalic liked it, but would rather get points for doing something like that.

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All he is, is a force to be reckoned with. Everyone knew it coming into the season, but as it has progressed, sophomore nose tackle Ndamukong Suh seems to only be getting stronger. With a defense which was on the field for over 100 plays against Iowa State, the defensive tackles had to roll in and out a lot so everyone could keep their legs. Even with that taken into account, Suh notched two tackles for loss, including one sack, and this complimented an overall nice rebound for the D-line this week.

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What can you say, it was a weird game. Maybe bizarre. Maybe just strange. But when Nebraska did all it could in the second half to give the game away, and still managed to get the lead going into halftime, you knew things weren't quite right. Bu the Husker team, all the mistakes aside, still came away with a convincing win. But it was still strange.

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