Thompson enjoys trip to Nebraska

The Nebraska recruiting effort has become a balance of recruiting to fill the remaining slots and retention to keep the commits that they have secured. This weekend, Nebraska had Brandon Thompson in town to potentially fill one of those last few, valuable remaining spots. What did Thompson think about the trip north to Nebraska?

The sole, Nebraska official visitor had make it home long enough to just fall asleep when Big Red Report called. Brandon Thompson lost out on some sleep over the exciting weekend.

"It was a really fun weekend, excited," Thompson said. "Obviously, because I am trying to catch up on some sleep now. I was busy."

Thompson said that there was a few things that jumped out to him about the trip, but that everything really blew him away. Thompson said that he was recognized by some of the Husker fans too.

"Everything about it. The facilities, the game and the fans were obviously amazing to me. Some of the fans knew who I was. Some of their fans keep up with recruiting on the internet."

Thompson got a chance to hand out with some of the players on Saturday night and was hosted by Austin Cassidy, a true freshman walk-on from Lincoln.

Thompson said that there were a couple of things that caught him off-guard about the trip. Thompson said he really enjoyed how Nebraska fed him and was surprised at the number of academic all-Americans.

"They kept me well fed, I'll tell you that. Every couple of hours I think that I was eating. That's a good thing."

"The Academic All-Americans was crazy. It's 250-something. That was really interesting to find that out."

The trip gets a very high mark from Thompson. In fact, he said that he couldn't think one specific thing that could have been better about his trip.

"I would say it's a "10". A "9" or a "10". I really can't say anything could have been better. It was pretty awesome. Perfect, pretty much."

Thompson says that the Nebraska trip has set a high standard with another upcoming official visit. After the next visit Thompson plans to make his decision.

"I'm going to go on one more visit this weekend and then I will make a decision. I am going to go and visit Purdue."

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