Huskers will host California LB in December

Nebraska is still looking to shore up one spot at linebacker in the 2008 recruiting class. It seems that the Huskers might have turned their sights west to California to possibly get that last linebacker. The Huskers have already got a date set up with this 6-foot-3 and 215-pound linebacker from the Bay Area.

Chris Little and Oakland (Calif.) Castlemont wish that the season was going a bit better. Right now, they are just not a complete football team.

"It's going O.K., but we could be doing a lot better," Little said. "We are 1-3 right now."

"Our defense is playing pretty good. We need to score. We just need to put up more points."

Little is playing receiver on offense and linebacker on defense for Castlemont. He has been an impact player on both sides of the ball.

"I have about 11 receptions and four touchdowns. I have a kickoff return that I returned for a touchdown too."

"I don't know how many tackles I have. I have three forced fumbles and one fumble recovery."

While Little does play both offense and defense, he says that he doesn't prefer one over the other to play in college. "I don't have a preference, I just like to play. I will play anywhere they need me."

Recruiting is picking back up and Little said that two teams are contacting him the most right now. "It's going alright. I am hearing from Arizona and Nebraska the most."

The Huskers like Little as a linebacker and have definitely made an impression with Little because of the amount of attention and their team this year. "Nebraska is a pretty good team. I see that they are in the top 25 and having a pretty good year."

Little said that he has two official visits set up already. The first one won't come until next month and the other is in December.

"I have official visits set up to Arizona and Nebraska. I go to Arizona next month and Nebraska in December. I will be in Nebraska on December 7, 8 and 9."

When Little takes the trip to Nebraska he is looking forward to seeing a few key things. "I just want to see their facilities, check out the school and seeing the environment around the school."

The recruiting coach from Nebraska is showing a lot of attention to Little. Little has also liked what the coach at Nebraska has had to say about the plan for the defense and how he fits in.

"Coach Dennis Wagner is recruiting me from Nebraska. He's a good coach. I think that they have a good plan on what to do with their defense."

Last year, Little had 45 tackles, five sacks, four fumbles caused, two fumble recoveries and two interceptions. On offense, he caught 37 passes for 537 yards and 12 touchdowns.

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