Missouri TE, looking all over

Martin Rucker has had his own personal battle. Of two teams, which one to choose. The school that his brother (who's now in the NFL) went to or the home state institution of higher learning. Well, Rucker now has decided that two isn't enough and is looking at another.

Martin Rucker -St Joseph, MO (Benton)- (TE-6'5-205-4.65/40) Currently ranked as one of the top tight ends in Missouri Martin Rucker is looking to improve his skills and possibly move higher. "I had three catches for 33 yards in last week's game", but along with those yards he also had 5 tackles from his RE position. This was Benton High's first victory of the season (1-3).

The main story on Rucker has been the battle between NU and Missouri for the skills of young Martin, but now the plot takes a twist "Yeah, its still mainly Nebraska and Missouri, but Colorado St has been in contact with me, they are definitely a consideration." While Colorado St. has entered the scenario they have yet to offer him. His two offers to the point are still from NU and MU.

What is interesting is when I asked Rucker about the meeting of those two teams that he favors playing a game this Saturday in Lincoln and would it effect his decision, "I'm not looking at overall records or anything, but what I am interested in is the direction those teams are going in the over all picture."

Rucker has not officially taken or set up any visits to this point, but three schools will definitely get them "Nebraska, Missouri, and Colorado St, I want to see all of them…maybe Kansas too."

Rucker has a 2.7 core GPA and has taken the ACT scoring a 20.

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