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It's not a case of cold feet so much as it is making sure that the decision was made for all the right reasons and not the superficial. This Midlands Region prospect says that he is still considered a commitment, but that he will take some other trips to make sure that the decision that he has made is right for him.

After making a commitment to Texas A&M, K.J. Williams is going to be making some trips to make sure he made the right decision. He and his Norman (Okla.) North team are off to a good start on the season as well.

"It's going good," Williams said. "We are 5-1. I don't know my totals. I think that I have like five sacks on defense, two receptions with one being 15 yards and a touchdown and the other was just for 15 yards."

"On defense, I am playing mostly at defensive end, but in some formations I am playing at outside linebacker. On offense, I am playing tight end, but on some plays I am playing quarterback."

You read right, Williams at 6-foot-4 and a shade under 240-pounds is playing some quarterback. It's not that big of a stretch with him under center considering that playing quarterback is something that he grew up doing.

"Our starting quarterback tore his ACL. We didn't have a backup and I have played quarterback before. The only thing that I once knew was quarterback. It's going alright. I still prefer tight end and defensive end."

Williams made a commitment to Texas A&M back in July, but has since decided that he is going to take his official visits. Besides to A&M, Williams said that there are three other schools that will likely be visits for him.

"Yeah, that is true. I am going to take all of my official visits. I am for sure going to Nebraska and Texas A&M. I will probably take one to Oklahoma State and to Kansas State too."

One thing about taking official visits to other schools while still being committed to a different school is communication. Williams said that he has talked to Texas A&M about taking the other trips. "Yeah, they know. They are cool with me taking those other trips."

Williams said that it isn't necessarily anything that A&M has done that has caused him to want to take some additional trips. He still considers himself an Aggie commit, but he definitely wants to make sure that he made the right decision.

"I just want to make sure that I didn't make the decision for the things that they tell you not to look for. I feel good about the decision to commit to A&M, because it's a good school and I will get a good education."

"I want to make sure that I didn't do it for the typical recruiting stuff, like the nice campuses and that stuff. I want to make sure that my decision is based on the right things."

Williams is interested to seeing Nebraska and, in particular, how Nebraska would use him on the field. Nebraska is calling Williams an athlete and is recruiting him for either the defensive line or tight end.

"I want to see how their offense is ran. I have never known Nebraska to produce too many tight ends, but they are telling me that they want to stretch the field. They are looking for a guy like me."

"I want to what type of offense they are going to be running and how they plan on using me potentially. I am also looking for a school with a lot of tradition."

"Nebraska is recruiting me as an athlete because they also need me on the defensive side too. They are leaving that open, but I am interested in seeing how they would use me as a tight end."

Don't expect Williams to take his official visits anytime soon. During the season the time is just too valuable to the team for him to get away for a weekend to take a trip. He is planning his trips after the season is over.

"I haven't set up any of my official visits. Our season is so hectic and my time on the weekends is so tight. It's kind of hard to take them during the season."

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