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As preparations continue for this Saturday's game against Missouri, injuries seem to be the theme. With so many players questionable, NU's status on defense especially. Today, Frank Solich addressed the media about those issues along with the rest of preparations for the Tigers.

"Seppo, his is a season-ending injury." Solich stated. "It's a shoulder surgery that will keep him out and we hope to have him back for the Spring, but we will see how that goes. Also, Brandon Greeson is redshirting and will have surgery also and he will be done for the year."

With regards to Seppo's injury and it's severity, Solich stated that nobody knew how bad it was until they actually took a look. "You never know until you get a chance to really have it X-rayed and have an MRI done on it and have the doctors evaluate it." Solich stated. "All of that is tough to do immediately over the week as far as getting the MRI lined up."

"The injury to the shoulder is something that will take quite a while to heal. It may or may not require surgery, so there is a time frame to wait on that to see how it begins healing."

Solich also stated that the program will looking into the possibility of getting a medical for Seppo. "It's a possibility." Solich stated. "We will look into that. For a sixth year, you generally have to have a couple of seasons that don't go well for you in terms of injuries and he has that possibility, so we will look into that."

Depth that position wasn't considered an issue prior to the season, but with season injuries of Jared Helming,  Jason Lohr and now,Seppo Evwaraye along with Brandon Greeson officially redshirting, that depth has taken a decided turn for the worse. Solich did say that the depth isn't what it was, but isn't quite to the point of completely depleted just yet. "I don't think you are ever so deep, that if you have two or three guys get banged up, all of a sudden it puts any team in a stretch to try and make sure they are covered well." Solich stated. "We are fortunate that we had the depth at that position when we started. The depth is not there now, but on the other side of it, we still probably have as much depth as what most teams have going in."

The status of Chris Kelsay is still up in the air as coach Solich couldn't comment on the injury, but Kelsay did not practice. DeJuan Groce practiced today and is expected to play this weekend.

Solich commented that there would be three recruits coming in officially, but said that unofficially, many more recruits that had been offered by NU in writing, had been invited and will be in attendance for this weekend's game against Mizzou.

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