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Nebraska made their final preparations as they readied for today's walk-through. Coach Solich had only brief comments to make, but did address the question that was on everyone's mind, that being the healthy of starting rush end, Chris Kelsay.

Chris Kelsay's health has been in doubt since the McNeese State game and coach Solich commented on the likelihood that we will see NU's best RE on the field come tomorrow. "It's going to be a situation where it looks very doubtful for him to be a part of this team this weekend." Solich stated. "Earlier in the week, we thought he had a good chance of getting back, but his progress has been slowed, so he looks doubtful at this time."

Chris's loss is significant enough of a loss, so the good news outside of Seppo being lost of the year is the fact that everyone else looks good to go.

Solich did say that even though Kelsay's loss is significant, it won't change how they plan to play against Missouri's offense from the defensive side of the ball. "The strategy doesn't change, but we would certainly like to have Chris in there operating." Solich stated. "Demoine is a very experienced player and Trevor who has got a lot of experience this season will certainly play a major role and Justin Smith who played very well in the last game will also get snaps in there, so we will have a three-man rotation that we will hope that will be successful."

Coach Solich commented briefly on the game and his thoughts about what it would take for the Huskers to be in it to the end. "It should be a game that is filled with a lot of big plays." Solich stated. "They (Missouri) have big play capability and they have good powerful I-backs and we expect them to utilize that along with their quarterback."

"On our end of it, we need to find ways to produce big plays and sustain drives."

"So, we are looking forward to it, we have had a good week of practice, we will see what the weather brings, but I know one thing, we'll have our crowd very much into the game and we are glad to be playing this one at home."

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