Official visit goes well for Toailoa

There has been a lot going on with the lives in Southern California. Quintin Toailoa is about as close as anyone would want to be with the wildfires in California. Along with that, he took his first official visit this weekend to probably one of the furthest away schools he is considering. What are his thoughts on the fires and his visit?

It's a serious time in Southern California. The wildfires aren't contained and every day more evacuations come. Quintin Toailoa, from Redlands (Calif.) East Valley, said that the fires are merely minutes away from his house.

"The fires are probably five to 10 minutes away," Toailoa said. "We're not really in immediate danger right now. They have cancelled school tomorrow though."

The outside conditions are so severe that the practices today were moved inside. "We moved practice inside and just ran through some things in the cafeteria. There is just too much smoke and wind outside."

Toailoa said that while the fires, in time, are fairly close that the risk to him and his family is relatively low. "Probably not too much. The fires are probably closer to 20 minutes away and the smoke and the wind are just awful."

This weekend, Toailoa was able to get away from the wildfires and take a trip to Nebraska for his first official visit. He said that he really loved the trip to Lincoln.

"It was pretty cool out there. I just loved it. I really loved the fans, but I loved all of it. If it was one thing though, it would be the fans."

Toailoa took his first official to Nebraska for one big reason, a benchmark. He knows that it's a top school and will be one that everything else needs to be compared to in his process.

"No, that's the reason why I went to Nebraska. I wanted to see the top school as my first school. That was I could base all of my visits off of that one."

The fans and the game environment really stood out to Toailoa, but besides the game and the team, there were some other things that really stood out. It also let him know that there is more than just football at Nebraska.

"The academics were cool. The academics were a whole other team in itself. They have their own people in each subject like position coaches on the football team."

Toailoa was hosted by a pair of defensive players and wanted to talk with one of the current players at Nebraska. He said that he didn't get much of an opportunity for that to happen, but he will talk to him later.

"My hosts were Austin Stafford and Terrence Moore or T-Mo. I did get a chance to talk to Roy Helu, but he had some family in town and a brother that just came back from Iraq."

"I have his number. I have had his number. I wanted to talk to another Polynesian about Nebraska and I will give him a call to see how it is out there."

The weekend could have gone a little better for Nebraska considering they lost to Texas A&M. Toailoa said that didn't take away from the weekend though.

"No, it doesn't. They were losing, 34-16 or something like that, and the stands were still packed. No one had left."

Overall, the grade for Nebraska from Toailoa is very high. There aren't a lot of complaints about Nebraska, itself, but there is one thing that he wished was a bit better for him.

"I would say it was a "9.5" or a "10". I have nothing else to compare it too, but it was really good. The only thing that could be better is that if it wasn't so far away."

Redlands Valley East are off to a great start and are undefeated so far this year. Before the Nebraska visit, Toailoa wasn't considering any other official visits during the year, now he is re-thinking that.

"I am not sure yet. I am thinking about making some calls around to some other schools to take some visits to some games. I don't just want to see a campus. I want to see the game atmosphere."

After the Nebraska visit, the Huskers have cemented themselves as Toailoa's number one school. "They are going to be at the top. It was really amazing there."

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