Kuli talks about his commitment

During some of darkest hours and days of Nebraska football has come a ray of light. One of the last things that Nebraska fans might have expected yesterday happened when Simi Kuli called Nebraska and committed. The effect has been profound. Before Kuli even steps foot on the field at Nebraska as a student, people will already be looking for big things from this defensive end.

Coach Tim Hyde, from Torrance (Calif.) El Camino C.C., called Big Red Report with the big news yesterday about Simi Kuli committing to Nebraska. Tonight, Simi Kuli commented on the commitment to Nebraska.

"I committed yesterday to Bill Callahan," Kuli said. "I really enjoyed everything about Nebraska while I was there on my trip. They really care for their players."

Kuli is projected to help Nebraska at the defensive end position, where he is rated as a five-star by Scout.com, and should have an immediate impact. Kuli isn't satisfied just knowing that though. He wants to get to Nebraska and improve.

"Nebraska likes me as a defensive end. I would be a speed rushing defensive end for them. I can see myself going there and continuing my improvement to become a better player."

Kuli was just getting off of the phone with the new Athletic Director at Nebraska, Tom Osborne, when he called Big Red Report. On the trip, Kuli, and teammate Justin Thompson, got a chance to visit with the new A.D.

"First he told me about how he was a coach there at Nebraska. He went on to tell me about how Nebraska is a really nice place. I didn't need him to tell me that though, I saw it. I saw it when I was there on my trip for myself."

Coach Hyde has nothing but the best words to say about Kuli, his dedication to his play, his team and of course his family. He mentioned that Simi does the things that he does and is who he is because of his mom and his sisters.

One of the things that Simi related to his family was the day that he received the Nebraska offer. The offer, to him, was a very important one and he went to immediately tell his mom about the offer.

"She was the first person that I thought about when I got the Nebraska offer. I had to go and tell her about it. She told me that if I wanted to go to Nebraska that I had her support, 100%. That is how much she thinks about Nebraska and what it means to me."

The change that Simi will inevitably go through from Hawthorn High School, to El Camino onto Nebraska is leaps and bounds. Almost nothing is relative but the game itself. There are some things to really consider though about Simi as a player and a leader with how he will affect Nebraska.

"Simi was the leading vote-getter for team captain this year by his teammates," Coach Tim Hyde said. "He is so happy to be a Husker and I am happy for him. Through five games this year, he missed two with a sprained knee, he has 42 tackles, seven sacks, 14 tackles for loss and 20 quarterback pressures."

"Simi is third on the team in tackles and second on the team in sacks and he missed two games. He might have been able to just miss one after that knee sprain, but we wanted to bring him back slowly. When he gets to Nebraska he will be pushing 275-pounds. Last year at the junior college combine he ran a 4.7/40."

Kuli makes this commitment to Nebraska despite a barrage of new interest and a slough of offers. The offers range from the likes of Florida, LSU, Texas A&M and to every team in the Big 12 to having offered with the exception of Texas.

You read about all of this then you consider the speculation of what might happen to the Nebraska coaching staff following the season. Kuli has considered it as well and said that there is no questioning his commitment.

"My commitment is 100%. Like I have told everyone else, it doesn't matter to me about the coaching staff. Nebraska is Nebraska. It's known as a powerhouse team. Because of that, my commitment to them is 100%. There is no turning back."

Thompson, a defensive tackle for El Camino, took the official visit to Nebraska with Kuli. Kuli said that he isn't able to accurately report on Thompson's official visit, but did say that he is really talking to him to come to Nebraska with him.

"He didn't give me a lot of input on his visit to Nebraska. I am going to try and get him up there with me. I want him to just go up there with me and hopefully it will be just two thumbs up with that guy."

Nebraska has recently endured the decommitment of their top high school running back prospect, but Nebraska had a lot of interest in El Camino running back Tavares Pressley before the high school running back committed to Nebraska. Apparently, there is a renewed interest there again.

"Oh yeah. I am on Tavares every day. I am talking to him every day about coming up to Nebraska."

As a strong side defensive end for El Camino in 2006 Kuli posted 50 tackles, 15 tackles for loss, five sacks, 20 quarterback hurries and one fumble recovery in 10 games.

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