A win equals happiness for everyone

Nebraska continued preparations for their road trip to Austin. It's a game that if you were to base your decision on the last three games, this one is a loss, and potentially an embarrassing one. But neither player or coaches can approach things like that. With at least one new face on offense, they will have to go at it like any other game, and that's with the goal of winning.

With a defense ranking amongst the very worst in Division 1-A, the hope of beating a surging Texas team seems to be fleeting. What exacerbates that is an offense which has steadily gotten worse in running the ball and protecting the QB. It's a win which some seem impossible to achieve, but for a program mired in rumors about coaches seemingly out the door, it's a must-win by just about any definition.

It would make everyone a lot happier right now.

"People are just mad right now, and as long as you are losing, they are going to stay mad," senior safety Ben Eisenhart said. "When things aren't going well, things just seem worse than they are. If we missed a tackle here and there or whatever, but we hadn't lost a game, nobody would be saying a thing. But we're not winning and that just makes everything worse."

At 4-4, the eternal optimist amongst the Husker faithful still see this season as not yet finished. They see four potential wins and a chance to still make a bowl. And if they could win out, that would give them wins over a ranked Texas team and three very improved North Division teams, including Kansas which is as of right now, undefeated and ranked in the top 10.

That's asking a lot, especially with all of those games save Kansas State being on the road. But if by some stretch the Huskers could actually win this weekend, according to Eisenhart, there's no telling where they can go. "It's not like we don't know what the problem is, because we do, and that makes it more frustrating for us than anyone else," he said. "We see on film what needs to be fixed, but we haven't been able to get it done.

"That's not the coaches' fault. That's on us. We need to do what we are supposed to do. And if we somehow won out, I think all this stuff everyone is talking about right now, wouldn't even be an issue anymore."

That's hard to say as many fans seem to have written off this coaching staff, already looking at other coaches like former Husker and current LSU D.C. Bo Pelini as the potential savior for the program. Pelini took over for the fired Frank Solich, leading the team to a win over Michigan State in the Alamo Bowl.

Eisenhart said that the speculation is what it is, and is fueled by how the team is doing, but if the unthinkable actually happens, interim Athletic Director Tom Osborne could find himself in eerily similar shoes as the man he just replaced.

"I know nobody thinks we can do it, but if we win out, that would make us 8-4. We'd make a bowl and who knows what would happen there," he said. "Do you fire a guy with that record after what happened the last time? Nobody knows what's going to happen for the next four games. We don't, but we know that we are going to play as hard as we can.

"Maybe we'll win and surprise everyone and then you never know."

Eisenhart currently ranks third on the team amongst safeties in tackles, totaling 16 on the season thus far.

Practice Notes:

The team went half-pads today and not participating in practice, stemming from injuries suffered against Texas A&M, were senior center Brett Byford, senior linebacker Bo Ruud and freshman linebacker Blake Lawrence.

All three are considered day-to-day, according to Head Coach Bill Callahan and nothing has been determined as to if any or all will miss or make this weekend's game against the Longhorns.

Back to working with the punt return team was senior cornerback Cortney Grixby. Grixby has been limited to a degree following a thumb injury suffered in last weekend's game.

Click the following link for the full post-practice audio with Head Coach Bill Callahan.

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