Huskers still good with Williams

It's been a tough go for the recruiting class for Nebraska recently. There has been a number of decommitments, mostly on the offensive side of the football, and more seem likely to follow. There are those that are still holding pat waiting for something to happen before they do anything and Josh Williams is one of those Nebraska commitments.

In the first series of the game last night against Dennison (Texas), Josh Williams from Denton (Texas) Ryan had two batted down passes and one tackle. The rest of the night, Dennison went away from Josh Williams.

"We won last night," Williams said. "We clinched a playoff birth. This week we play Wichita Falls (Texas) Rider for the district championship."

"That is going to be a great game. It was a great game last year. We won the game last year, 14-7, at the end of the game. We can still make a run at a title."

The season for Ryan and Williams has been basically a tale of two seasons. There wasn't a particularly good start for his team, but they are hitting their peak at the right time.

"We didn't start out particularly strong. We are young, particularly on offense. The confidence level has increased and everything is clicking at the right time. We can still get better. We haven't hit our max. potential."

One team that definitely fell short of their max. potential was Nebraska this season. Williams, a Husker commit, has heard the speculation and says that change can sometimes be a good thing.

"Who really knows what's going to happen? There seems like there is going to be some change there and the question becomes if the change is going to be good or it will be bad."

"Nine times out of 10, and particularly with T.O. (Tom Osborne) being there, it can't be anything but good. He's just such a great man and is coming in to do the job of interim A.D."

Since his commitment, the Nebraska recruiting class rose to a top 10 class and then has seen the commitments decommit or at least start to look around. Josh is still on-board with Nebraska, but will have a Plan B.

"To me, it's really that those guys have made their decision on what they are going to do. I am going to take some visits, as a security, but I am committed to be a Husker."

"I want to see what coaching changes are made, if any, and who is still there. I also want to take a look at the situation if new coaches are brought in. If it's still the place for me then that will be the place I will be."

In choosing a school, Williams says that finding a good staff is key for him. It was key in him choosing to go to Nebraska. He really had a connection with the defensive line coach at Nebraska.

"I am looking for a good staff. I was looking for a staff like they have there now. I really want to play for Buddy Wyatt. That is one thing that I really wanted to do."

"I have really connected to him and attached to him. I like him as a coach and I like him as a person. I really want to have the opportunity to play for him."

The teams have been coming out of the woodworks for Williams since things started to happen for Nebraska. The list of schools continue to grow on a week by week basis.

"I have been getting a lot of interest from Texas, Oklahoma State, Missouri, Arkansas, Wisconsin and some others. I might have gotten a Texas offer had I visited there this weekend. Wisconsin called my coach, but I haven't spoken with them yet."

One thing that might stand out is the new interest in Williams by schools only since the problems at Nebraska. Williams has taken a little note about that and just wants to see what is going to happen.

"It can say that I don't know how much or how long they have really wanted me. But then again, I am not sure. It definitely could be that. I am just sitting back right now and seeing what is happening."

Williams has a short list of schools that he will potentially visit. The schools aren't a definite to get a visit, but they are schools that he might take another look at.

"I would say Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma State and Arkansas. Those are four that I will throw out there that I would like to take a look at. I am not sure that I will take all four of them."

A school, like Missouri, has had a recent influx of former or current Nebraska commits become interested in their program. Has Williams been contacted by those players to re-consider Missouri or other schools?

"No, not really. They told me, but it really wasn't an influence. Those are schools that were in the running with Nebraska from the beginning, except for Texas."

It's a hard thing to gauge right now, but Williams said that there is still a very high likelihood that he will end up a Husker. There is still a very long list of positive things about Nebraska.

"Right now, I would say 90 to 95%. Something pretty drastic would have to happen. It's a great place. You can get a great education. There is a great atmosphere to play football in. There is a lot of opportunity there to get on the field and play."

"That team is talented. You never know with the next season and maybe the changes in the coaching staff as to how good they are going to be next year. Regardless of the decommitments, there is still talent there to play."

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