Zbikowski visits Nebraska

When your team is beating down your opponents like a steamroller over sand, sometimes it can be hard to keep your focus. Well, that is unless football is almost your entire life, which for Tommy Zbikowski, that would be accurate to a degree. His team just coming off another drubbing of yet another overmatched opponent (45-0), Tommy decided it was time to take another unofficial visit, this time to the University of Nebraska.

Tommy Zbikowski - QB/S - 6-0, 185, 4.4/40 - Buffalo Grove, Illinois -Zbikowski just keeps getting more and more popular. With a billion offers and counting (roughly), it's not a matter of who wants him, but more-so where he wants to be. It's becoming clear that Tommy has a little bit of ice in his veins when it comes to the whole recruiting process as he has never been wavered by any of the "lore" and hype surrounding so many programs.

This weekend, Tommy had a chance to visit (unofficially) yet another program steeped in lore with their usual large amount of hype, as he traveled to Lincoln to see Nebraska as they hosted the Missouri Tigers.

Tommy has been to this school twice before, so the landscape was nothing new. What was new to him however was the home game atmosphere as he had never been to a NU game in Lincoln before. Needless to say, one thing that really stood out to Zbikowski was the infamous "Sea of Red" home crowd within Memorial. "When it you see it on TV, it's not the same." Tommy said. "When I got there in person, it was eye-opening." As for the equally famous "tunnelwalk", Tommy regretted that he missed it just by a few minutes. "I wanted to get there for it, but I was standing outside when it was happening."

With the stout interest in Zbikowski that just seems to be increasing by the day, each school whether it's an official or unofficial visit, tries to make the best impression possible. They want to show what they have, show what they can do and show that player why they are so important to the team. What that player takes from each experience could be the key if not one of them in getting that player to come there. What impression did Nebraska leave on Tommy? "Nebraska is good, because they find their weaknesses and try to build to the strength of the program." Tommy said. "And, every time I visit, I feel stronger about Nebraska."

As was stated previously, this was an unofficial visit for Tommy and he still has all his five offiicial visits remaining. The offers are far too many to list, but his current choices of teams goes as follows: Arizona State, Boston College, Iowa, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Tennessee and Virginia. Tommy has two official visits scheduled thus far, Notre Dame (Dec. 6th) and Arizona State on the 18th of January.

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