Toailoa comments on fires

It's been a scary time out in California. While the fires are being somewhat contained, it's the path of destruction that they have left behind that people are now dealing with. Quintin Toailoa said that he could see the fires down the mountain and were actually evacuated. Things are getting better and Redlands (Calif.) East Valley continues their perfect season.

Believe it or not, Quintin Toailoa and Redlands (Calif.) East Valley, played their home game this weekend despite the wildfires and in particular the "Slide Fire". Their home game was played in Palm Springs though.

"We're now 8-0," Toailoa said. "We have two more league games to go. We have a good one coming up with A.B. Miller who is also 8-0. It should be a great game."

The game getting played in Palm Springs has to do with people of the area of Toailoa's school, and Toailoa himself, getting evacuated. Things turned from being 10-15 minutes to very serious very quickly.

"We did get evacuated. Our whole week of school got cancelled, but we still had practice. We moved our practices into the gym."

"We practiced early in the morning and still played our game that Friday night in Palm Springs. It was supposed to be our home game, but we had to play it on the road."

The threats of the wildfires has gone away some, for now. The Santa Ana winds are being predicted to come back up later in the week.

"It's all calmed down around here. The air quality is finally getting better. We have moved our practices to outside again."

The fires got very close to Toailoa and his home. Out of the back of his house, he could see the fires down the mountain and there was the "orange glow".

"I am in the highlands and it (the fire) was right there. We could see it from out backyard. The air quality was just terrible."

Recruiting hasn't changed since the last time Big Red Report caught up with Toailoa. He claims that the Huskers are still his top team and said the chances are 'very high' that he will be a Husker.

Toailoa made note of the commitment of Simi Kuli to Nebraska. Kuli was on his official the same weekend as Toailoa. Toailoa said that Kuli was very quiet, but he was encouraged about another Poly going to Nebraska.

Expect Toailoa to make some other visits before making a decision. He would like to get out and see some games like he did at Nebraska, but doesn't have anything set up yet.

"I would like to visit some PAC10 schools. I want to visit California, Oregon State, Oregon and Arizona State. I have to really start to break it all down."

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