Big 12 Telconference Quotes - Bill Callahan

Check out quotes from Nebraska Head Coach Bill Callahan, from today's Big 12 Teleconference.

On there being any reason to believe he would be back at Nebraska next year 

"I'm going to let the powers that be make those decisions. All I am going to do is prepare our team for Kansas State and do the best I can. I think that's all any coach can ever do – is the best he can with the situation he's in and try to make the best of it. So, that's what we are trying to do here."

On whether or not he's been asked for a resignation 

I respect your question, but those are issues which I would have to defer to the higher-ups. Again, this situation is very disappointing for us and we are working through it the best we can. This is one of those years we haven't performed to the standard we wanted to perform at. I'll let the higher-ups and whoever the decision-makers are, make those decisions. 

On perhaps overstating his team's potential stemming from a statement made at a luncheon during the month of June, pertaining to the optimism about the team and the thought that this team would be something special:

"No, I was very optimistic. I was very optimistic about our football team and our chances before season began. I think there was reason to. It didn't work out. We didn't have the type of year we wanted to have and that was unfortunate. At that time I was very optimistic. 

On why it hasn't worked out

"I just don't look back. You try to learn from some of the mistakes, if you had made any or maybe the performance or maybe some decisions made. You really have to keep looking back at another time. This isn't the time to look back on anything .We just have to keep our focus on Kansas State and try to maintain our concentration on the preparation for this game. 

On whether or not Bo Ruud can play this weekend

"There's a good chance. He's going to be at practice on Tuesday. So, we'll have to see how he responds to practice day-to-day and then evaluate him further throughout the week."

On being able to handle tough questions and where that comes from:

"I just think you have an inner strength. I have to count on the Lord in that respect. That's where I derive my strength from. I think that's where more Christian people do. You just put your trust in the Lord and you go forward. I think that's all you can do. I am a firm believer in that. I have always been and I will continue to be. They are tough questions. They are tough because of the tough position we're in. So, we'll just do the best we can while we are where we are at right now, but the main thing is to really try to help these kids through the adversity they are facing. That's the most important thing."

On whether or not there were any major adjustments at half and how it seemed Nebraska was much more aggressive against Texas than they were against Kansas . 

"I'd say that's true. There's no denial of that. We did pressure, but not to the extent that we did against Texas . I think when we did pressure, we pressured down near the red zone and we got burnt twice on the option. They ran a "check with me." We were blitzing to the off-set back and they motioned the off-set back away from the overload blitz and they hurt us twice. So, you have to restructure that adjustment during the course of a game, but that's tough – that's hard to do. Like we said prior to the game, we knew that was a different team with a different set of problems and issues we had to deal with. They are quite different than Texas offensively and you have to give them credit. I think they did a fine job."

On what to look forward to with two games left, being able to make a bowl and the overall psyche of the team:

"First off, I would tell you that our focus is just Kansas State . I think that's where it lies. As we explained to the team yesterday, we just want to be prepared and focused – all our energies and efforts toward Kansas State . They are a fine football team. You look at them on offense, they have the ability to quick-strike you. They have the ability to run it, throw it, mix up with different types of action and so forth. They are very effective. And on defense, I am very impressed. Their "34" defense, they rank right up there with one of the top defenses in the country and also in this conference. So, it's going to be a challenge for us and we've got 29 seniors that are leaving this program and playing their final home game here at Memorial Stadium on Saturday. So, we are going to do everything in our power and our effort to make sure that they go out a winner. And they deserve that. It's been a tough road for this group of seniors. They are a prideful group They have always responded to adversity and I would expect no less from them this Saturday as they take the field."

On the mood this Sunday being different with players and coaches after a game like that:

"Again, I would tell you that the players and coaches were very disappointed. When you are talking about moods, I would say that the mood is one that we're disappointed – not discouraged, just very disappointed in our performance I think these players are resilient. I think the youth of America is resilient when it comes to hard times, and these are great life lessons for all of us, especially for this group of players. I think they are going to learn a lot about themselves and how they respond to different adverse situations in life. It's a tough pill to swallow and our guys are doing their best – they're holding their heads up high and they're trying to put forth a good effort and that's all we can ask of them."

On whether or not he believes one player can turn around the fortunes of a program:

"I think that the old saying is that individuals play the game, but teams win championships. You just look at the great teams that win championships; they have been great team efforts. I'm not taking anything away from Josh and his ability to lead his football team. He's done an outstanding job. But I think that we are all in the business to develop teams and to do the best we can to make that chemistry happen on all sides of the ball – to put the very best team product on the field. I think that's what we are all after as coaches. I know that's what I am about – trying to develop a team so that they play together, are tight-knit and they play for one another. I think that's the most important thing to learn as you go through this experience of college football."

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