Okafor and Westside make early exit

There was definitely a little surprise or shock in the voice of Collins Okafor from Omaha (Nebr.) Westside when it came to their playoff run. Westside, loaded with talent, made a first round exit. Okafor spoke to Big Red Report about the season, the disappointment of the first round loss and of course about recruiting with an emphasis on Nebraska.

Collins Okafor didn't mind talking about the way Omaha (Nebr.) Westside lost in the first round. It was evident that the 6-foot-1 and 205-pound running back was still reeling a little bit.

"We lost to Bellevue West in the first round of the playoffs," Okafor said. "From our view, it was one of those situations where the best team didn't win."

Okafor is talking about missed calls by the referee which is part of the high school game, unfortunately.

"What can you do? There is no instant replay. There were some blown calls by the officials, at least from our film."

Okafor says that there is some training in his future with his mentor, Yano Jones, and track is still up in the air. Jones is influential in Okafor's training on the field and off of it.

There is still one football season still going that Okafor is keeping track of and it's, of course, Nebraska. The Huskers picked up Okafor's commitment over a year ago.

A year ago, things looked pretty good about this season. Nebraska was coming off of a Big 12 North title and hoping for a Big 12 title. Needless to say, that isn't going to happen.

"They're in a really bad position. I hate the fact that they are where they are at. They have the one home game left and a win in this game would really help boost the staff, the team and the whole entire state."

Being a Nebraska commitment is one thing. Being a Nebraska commitment from Nebraska is another. Okafor says that despite the season that he is still destined to be a Husker.

"It won't change. My commitment won't change. Nebraska has a lot of tradition. I think that Tom Osborne brings a lot of it back "old-school"-wise. He's obviously huge in Nebraska."

With all of the rumors about Nebraska, it's coaching staff and questions in general about the future of Nebraska football; Okafor said that no team tried to get back in on him to talk him out of being a Husker.

"Surprisingly no. There all these rumors going around about coaches losing their jobs. I don't know how anyone can be in that position to spread that type of rumor."

"I was talking to Coach Randy Jordan about all of this. We have communicated through all of this and he told me that once he knows about anything that he will tell me."

Commenting on the future isn't something that Okafor is willing to talk about. There is speculation everywhere about coaches being fired and a serious change of direction. Okafor would rather not touch that topic now.

"I would rather cross that bridge when it comes up. You really can't say what you are going to do in the future until you do it."

"If a couple of coaches are let go, I don't think that I should alter my commitment. Nebraska has tradition and it's a family. Unfortunately, if that does happen, the part that will keep me there will be all that."

"That is what me and Sean Fisher keep taking about. That is what we keep telling one another and we keep sticking. If that were to happen, we would still be there."

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