Huskers hosting unofficial visitor

At 6-foot-0 and almost 190-pounds, this junior was lighting up the competition as a running back to start out the year. Splitting time at running back, he was moved to wide receiver and also excelled. On defense, he was basically asked to follow the other team's top receiver and shut them down and also spent some time as a linebacker and a safety. He will be in Lincoln this Saturday.

There seems to be a few players in the state of Nebraska next year worthy of division one recognition. Corey Serrano from North Platte (Nebr.) is one of those players. The 6-foot-0 and 190-pound athlete has 4.6/40 time to boot.

North Platte didn't finish up as well as some predicted to do. The idea was to finish the season against some unforeseen opponent not on the schedule in the playoffs. Instead, the last game on the schedule was the last game of the year.

"Our season has been over for a while," Serrano said. "We ended up 4-5. It was a bit disappointing. We really didn't have anyone emerge at the quarterback position. We had two guys splitting time. We didn't have a real starting 11 players."

Serrano stood out on offense and defense for the struggling Bulldogs. By the time the season has ended, Serrano found himself having played all of the skill positions for North Platte.

"I started out the season as a running back. After the first couple of games I got some time at wide receiver. The last game I played those two positions and quarterback."

"I split time with Joel Woodhead at running back who was a senior. I think that I ended up with over 600 yards rushing, over 100 yards passing and I am not sure about my receiving yards. I scored 12 touchdowns; 11 rushing and one passing."

"I played cornerback mainly on defense, but I played some safety and some linebacker as well. I was out there to play corner mostly. I followed the opponent's best receiver. That was our game plan. They just told me to follow the other receiver."

One of Serrano's best strengths might be his experience from playing a number of positions. He does prefer to play offense over defense and on the offensive side of the ball he prefers to play wide receiver.

"I'm confident playing the position. If you are going to throw me the ball, I am going to catch it. I am comfortable with the ball in my hands. I can make plays with the ball in my hands."

As a junior, the interest that Serrano has received has been limited. He says that there is some registering with the NCAA that he needs to do and he has only sent off any of his film to one school so far.

"I am pretty sure that Nebraska is the only school where I have sent my film so far. I have been getting some mail from some NAIA schools, in-state, that have talked to me about going to school there and playing football."

Serrano attended the Nebraska summer camp last year. Serrano felt like he performed well, but as a junior he admitted that he wasn't getting a lot of looks. One of the top experiences might have been teaming up with a current commit in seven on seven.

"I thought that I played well. I was on John Levorson's seven on seven team. We should have won it all. We didn't really have a quarterback. We were both playing receiver. He is definitely pretty good."

Serrano is making his way back to Lincoln this weekend for an unofficial visit. Previously, he has always been in the stands as just a spectator. This weekend he will be paying more attention to the process and people.

"I want to see how everything happens. I have been to a couple of games, been there mostly as a fan, but never really paid attention to the details. It's going to be cool to see how things happen there and meet some people."

Being from the state of Nebraska, Serrano knows all about Nebraska football and it would be a dream for him to go there. Serrano acknowledges the tradition, but he also points out that Nebraska is an excellent school first.

"It's been a thing that I have always wanted to do. It's not more of a tradition thing than it is wanting to play there because it's a good school. I love the tradition though."

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