Levorson enjoying playoff success

There has been little to smile about, recently, for Nebraska fans when it comes to recruiting. However, listening to the players that are still solid are, to say the least, refreshing. One of the commits that is staying true to his word is John Levorson. Levorson, an incredible athlete, is headed to the state finals and says that the tradition is key when it comes to Nebraska.

As far as good recruiting stories go, they are far and few between. Nebraska fans should know that John Levorson is leading his team back to the state finals. The quarter-final victory was a re-match of last year's final game.

"I guess that I had a pretty big night. We played against Elkhorn. We won, 31-19. We played them last year in the state finals and upset them. I played pretty well last year too."

"This year I had 159 yards rushing and two touchdowns. I also had two interceptions. I think that I was three for seven for 23 yards passing, is all. Mainly, I get the ball as quarterback and run."

The quarterfinals was a re-match between with Beatrice for Crete. The first game was close, with Crete winning 35-25. Levorson was looking at Beatrice's improvements through the season going into the game.

"Yeah, we beat Beatrice and I played pretty well, I guess. We won, 33-19. I had 96 yards rushing and one touchdown. I am not sure what my passing yards were. We only threw the ball seven times. We play McCook in the state finals this coming weekend."

The season will be over soon for Levorson, maybe so he can then start paying attention to the goings on with Nebraska football. The 6-foot-3 and 190-pound Levorson says that he knows what everyone else knows right now about Nebraska and that his commitment is solid.

"My commitment to Nebraska isn't going to change regardless of what happens with the coaching staff. I can't really say much about the situation now. I only know what everyone else knows."

So what if something does happen to the Nebraska coaching staff? It's the great "what if" question that people are either asking or applying the latest rumor to answer. Levorson isn't listening to rumors right now.

"If something happens, it happens and if it doesn't then that is great. I really like the coaching staff that is here, currently, a lot. We'll just have to see how everything works out."

The staff isn't something that Levorson will overlook when it comes to becoming a Husker. In fact, they were a big part of his decision. The part that was just bigger than the staff was the part of just becoming a Husker.

"The staff was part of my decision, but the bigger picture was becoming a Husker. I definitely like the current coaching staff, and it was a big part of my commitment, but there is great tradition at Nebraska."

Growing up in Nebraska, Levorson has seen the highest peaks and the lowest valleys. If anything, Levorson is excited about being part of the solution to return Nebraska back to the top of college football.

"I am excited about that. We are having a down season and the fans are a bit disappointed, but I am excited about getting there and playing and becoming part of the solution and bring the program back."

The Nebraska coaching staff never really pin-pointed Levorson down to a single position. That is a tribute to his great athleticism and versatility. To him, it doesn't matter where he is asked to play by the current staff or a new staff. He just wants to help.

"It doesn't really matter to me. It's wherever I am needed, wherever I will have the best chance of playing or whatever. They had projected me to play safety, most likely. It was defense, more than likely."

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