Johnson remains a Husker

This past weekend, and every other game before 2:30 this past season, was a pain in the neck for the Nebraska staff to set up official visits. Simply put, there aren't a lot of flights that get in early enough that allow the recruits to show up. Such is the case with Keelan Johnson who was supposed to visit this weekend.

Keelan Johnson and his Mesa (Ariz.) team are blazing a trail through the playoffs. This past weekend, they pulled up an upset after kind of a hit and miss season.

"We had a huge win a couple of weeks ago against the number two team in the state," Johnson said. "We are 6-4 now."

Johnson knows that he has been productive throughout the regular season, and the playoffs, but he isn't sure of his stats on offense. He does know one of his defensive stats.

"Not really. I am not really sure what my stats are right now. I just know that I have three interceptions on defense. I don't know offense."

Mesa is hitting it's stride a bit at the right time. Through the season, they have had to improve or not contend for a state title. Now they are imagining things a couple of rounds down the road.

"We have become a better team offensively and defensively. We are looking forward to playing Hamilton in the semi-finals. I think that we can get that far."

Johnson has played both ways for Mesa this past season. "I am playing running back and I am rotating at cornerback and safety. I have been doing that all season."

At Nebraska, Johnson was projected to play safety. Johnson has seen some of the struggles that Nebraska has had at Mesa. He knows that they are easily fixed.

"Every team has their down times. We went on a three-game loss streak. We turned that around. They can be turned around real easily."

Despite some of the public questions that have come up about Nebraska, no new teams have really stepped up recruiting Johnson. He did receive a new offer though. Despite the new offer and questions, he remains committed.

"No, but I did get offered by Arizona State a while back. As of right now, I would say that I am still pretty solid."

Johnson said that he hasn't given much thoughts to the questions surrounding Nebraska. He couldn't say off of the top of his head what could change to make him change his commitment to Nebraska.

"I am not really sure. I haven't really thought about that. I am not really sure what could change to get me to change my mind."

Johnson is confident that Nebraska will get back to their old selves, soon. There is too much going for Nebraska for them not to get back.

"The environment that is there and just how their fans are. Their history speaks for itself and they will be back."

Johnson was to take his official visit to Nebraska this past weekend, when Nebraska beat Kansas State 73-31, but the game was too early to get a flight in. Now, Johnson isn't sure when he will visit Lincoln.

"I was going to go to the Kansas State game, but they didn't bring in any recruits. I have no idea when I will get up there now."

Johnson has been staying in touch with his recruiting coach at Nebraska. Johnson has received some pretty encouraging news from that coach about the prospects of his future in Lincoln.

"I have talked to Coach Busch a couple of days ago. He was feeling pretty good about staying there. He just doesn't want to leave Nebraska."

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