Patiently Waiting

It's not difficult to imagine what it might be like to be a Nebraska commitment at this very moment. There are a lot of questions hanging over the Nebraska coaching staff and which ones might return next year. Dan Hoch thought he ended the process almost a year ago, but he admittedly has said that he might have to re-evaluate his decision, soon.

Harlan (Iowa) has enjoyed a lot of success on the gridiron. That's why when Dan Hoch said that Harlan was out of the playoffs before the state championship game it came as such a shock.

"It ended a couple of weeks ago," Hoch said. "We had a really good team and they just played better than we did that night."

The recent run of success at Harlan is pretty incredible. According to Hoch, before last season, Harlan had made it to the state finals game each of the past five seasons. Another sport Harlan enjoys success at is Basketball.

Hoch, at 6-foot-7, is obviously a person that the basketball team is happy to have around. When football ended, Hoch jumped from one sport right into another.

"Basketball is going pretty good. The team has some experience and we feel pretty good about things. We were 26-1 last year and lost by one in the semi-finals. The team that we lost to got two shots in 1.5 seconds."

Hoch has been a Nebraska football commitment since December 2006. Since that date a lot has happened with the situation that surrounds Nebraska football.

"It's tough to try and take it all in. You know that you try and build that relationship with all of the coaches and that is part of your decision-making process and you try and grow with that bond."

"When there is that question about the coaches not being there it's tough. You try to stay focused. I have been trying to keep confidence, but it's tough. You don't know who is going to stay or what all is going to happen."

Hoch says that no matter what, for now, he is a Cornhusker. As to what would have to change at Nebraska for him to not consider himself a Cornhusker, well, that he isn't too sure about.

"I don't think that it's one certain thing. Nebraska has tradition and that is always going to be there. They have a lot of little things that are instilled in the program and you just can't look away from it. Nebraska is going to be Nebraska."

When it comes down to the staff, Hoch is going to be interested if some of the coaches are let go and definitely in who is retained. "I wouldn't say that I would decommit, but Coach Dennis Wagner has been great through the process."

"He was a big reason why I committed to Nebraska so early in the process. He's just a great guy. He obviously knows what he is doing. That is one of the biggest reasons I committed to Nebraska as early as I did."

Hoch isn't excited about the prospect of going through the recruiting process again. He thought that it was over. It's obviously a bit discouraging to him to know that his decision might change.

"Yeah, it's a little tough. I thought that I had all of this behind me, wouldn't have to worry about this anymore. Here we are."

Hoch is doing what's best for him though. He is being a little proactive and thinking about what his options might be if things change too much at Nebraska that he doesn't think that he wants to be a Husker anymore.

"I actually went to visit on Monday to Iowa just for the day. I had a lot of fun. I got to talk to all of the coaches, see a lot of things and I was pretty excited about it. I am going to take another look at Iowa, Iowa State and Missouri."

Missouri is a school that has been popping up on a lot of the Husker commits lists that might be considering their options. Some think that former commitment Blaine Gabbert has had something to do with that. Coincidentally, Hoch spoke to Gabbert very recently.

"I have spoke to Gabbert a little bit. I have spoke to Andrew Jones, the tight end from Missouri. I don't know. I know it's nice talking to them, but the choice is mine. I will see what they have to say, but when it comes down to it it's my decision."

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