Comes away impressed

It's not like Corey Serrano hasn't been to a game in Lincoln or seen the facilities once before in Lincoln, because he has. It was an impressive win. Maybe the facilities have had a couple of finishing touches done to them, but never has Serrano seen Lincoln through the eyes of an unofficial visitor before.

One of the more intriguing players in the state of Nebraska next year will be Corey Serrano from North Platte (Nebr.). The 6-foot-0 and 190-pound Serrano was in Lincoln this past weekend on an unofficial visit.

"It was a really nice experience for me and my family," Serrano said. "It was something that I was never sure that I thought I would be able to do."

Serrano said that just getting a chance to see the things that you typically don't see when you are in Lincoln for a game was the best. He's been to a game before, but the behind the scenes view was very impressive to him.

"Seeing all of that stuff there in Lincoln. It was a great time, especially having my family with me. Just to go on the trip and be able to see all the stuff that we never knew was there like the trophies."

If there was one thing that Serrano was the most surprised with it might have been just being on the field at the same time with the players as they warmed up. It provided a different angle than what he had seen before.

"Probably being on the field and watching all of the warm-ups before the game. I got to watch the lineman and all the skill players before the game. It was a different perspective."

Nebraska put up 73 points, seven touchdowns through the air, and the defense played an aggressive, blitz style getting pressure on the quarterback. Serrano could play either side of the ball, but definitely prefers one over the other.

"Definitely on offense and particularly as a wide receiver. I could go for anything, but I would definitely go for wide receiver. It's fast and you always have a chance to get the ball."

"I think that the routes that the wide receivers run are pretty easy and I can get used to that. The offense is exactly like what I want to be playing in."

If there was one thing that surprised Serrano it might have been the play of the wide receivers. The wide receiver play and the facilities really caught Serrano off-guard with how impressive they were.

"I was definitely impressed with the wide receivers and how they played. A big thing for me too is the facilities. They have everything you need to be an athlete."

The visit wasn't able to go as long as some of the other weekends, but Serrano has been asked to make it back and is eyeing Junior Day this spring. Serrano said, "Because it was Senior Day they didn't know how everything was going to go."

The visit, to Serrano, couldn't have been a lot better. He saw what he expected to and then was impressed with some things that exceeded his expectations.

"It was definitely a "9" or so. I saw most of the things that I expected to see and there were some things that improved the way that I thought about things."

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