Busy Man

With the search for a new head coach seemingly coming to an end, Husker fans and coaches alike will turn their attention to the current commitments. As it turns out, Nebraska's current commits have been getting a fair share of attention for other schools since doubts started about Bill Callahan at Nebraska.

Josh Williams has been a Nebraska commitment since the end of July. He saw Nebraska going from one of the top rated classes in the nation to being just a shelf of it's former self.

The 6-foot-4 and 220-pound Williams from Denton (Texas) Ryan put together a solid season. Good enough that when the bottom really fell out that other teams came calling. Williams returned from an official visit this past weekend.

"I was in Kentucky this weekend," Williams said. "It was a great visit and everything. It really was a great visit. I was as impressed with Kentucky as I was with Texas and Nebraska."

The Kentucky trip was the second for Williams with the next to Kansas which is this weekend. Williams said that he was impressed with both official trips and the unofficial to Texas, but there was something different about Kentucky because of the different conference.

"In Kentucky it was a different environment than what I have been used to with the Big 12. The SEC has a little different play of football and the fan support was real good up there."

If there was thing that might have been different in comparison to Texas and Nebraska was the facilities. Nebraska and Texas are arguably two of the best in the conference and in the nation in that department.

"The facilities at Kentucky was a little different. They are a little more spread out than they are at Texas or at Nebraska. It was a great environment though and a great city. It kind of reminded me of Lincoln."

Williams keeps receiving new interest from some of the nation's top teams. Williams said that LSU has called recently requesting film. Alabama has also called the school to talk to Williams' coach.

"The interest is picking up a little bit and I always wanted to play in the SEC. It's a good conference. That and everything that is going on at Nebraska, things are pretty good. I am still committed to Nebraska, but I am looking around and waiting to see how things go."

Ironically with the late LSU interest, one of the possible replacements for Bill Callahan is rumored to be current LSU defensive coordinator, Bo Pelini. Pelini, who was also a defensive coordinator at Nebraska for a year, would really interest Williams.

"It would really affect my decision a lot if Bo Pelini became the head coach at Nebraska. I know that he is a great coach, a great defensive coach, and me getting to know him up in Nebraska could be good for me. I need that chance to do that and see how it went from there."

If there is something that might be on the same level of importance as getting along with the new head coach then it might be the retention of a couple of the current assistants at Nebraska. Williams has grown close to two of the assistant coaches that are currently in Lincoln.

"I have built a good relationship with Coach Ted Gilmore. I know that there would be a very good chance that I end up a Husker if Bo Pelini and Coach Buddy Wyatt are there at Nebraska next year."

Kansas is in-home with Williams tonight. Kentucky was supposed to make it in today, but their flight was delayed. Texas is supposed to be in-home tomorrow along with Nebraska. Oklahoma State will be in-home with Williams on Wednesday.

Williams is set to make his third official visit this weekend to Kansas. On December 7, Williams will be in Austin for his third official visit. Missouri could be his fourth visit the weekend following the Texas visit.

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