Meeting is over, but search goes on

The air was a bit brisk, but it was plenty hot in regard to the attention surrounding the football team and its future. The team got together today for a scheduled meeting to discuss some of the more basic things about the future, but the questions to players and Osborne himself were obviously about a lot more than that.

The Husker football team met today with Athletic Director Tom Osborne, discussing a variety of things, including weightlifting which starts next week. 

But the interest from the outside was pertaining to whether or not other issues were discussed such as who Nebraska 's future coach might be. Not many players would talk to the media after the meeting, but of those who did, today's meeting was basically business as usual. "He just talked to the team about the schedule (and) what it was going to be like," junior running back Marlon Lucky said. Sophomore defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh concurred, stating: "Basically, we are talking about what's upcoming. We have lifting next Monday and that's about it," 

While there wasn't any indication about coaches, the search for coaches or about any potential resolution regarding the hottest topic around Husker Nation today, Suh said that it will be nice when this situation is part of the past. "I think it's important to have a coach come in pretty soon," he said. "But I hope he takes the time to get a quality person and obviously (Osborne) has integrity and what he tells us is what is going to happen." 

Suh will be going into his junior year at Nebraska , but he's been part of the program for three years, an injury setting him back for a season. So, he's technically not a newcomer anymore. With that being said, he can see that for those younger players on the team, they probably want a resolution to this as much as anyone. "I am sure it's tough for them. I am kind of in the same position. I have two years left," he said. But basically, you have to have faith in your own skills. You've got to expect, hopefully that whoever's coming in will give you a fair chance to prove to them that you can play on the field, and be on the field and help this team out."

Suh's sentiments are probably felt by many, but as for Lucky, he's happy he's got other things on his mind. "It ain't hard for me. I'm still just going to school," he said. 

Amidst the chaotic nature that is a search for a head coach at a program the likes of Nebraska , Lucky has been able to enjoy getting another distraction. The junior running back was recently named second-team All-Big 12. Lucky finished the season ranked 7th in the conference in rushing, averaging just over 70 yards per game, but the Texas native ranked tops amongst all running backs in receptions per game (6.38) as well as receiving yards per game (64.5). His 137.0 all-purpose yards per game was good enough to rank ninth out of every football player in the conference. 

The soft-spoken Lucky was gratified for the recognition. "It's an honor. It's a big honor. I am happy for it," he said. 

The coaching search goes on, Tom Osborne saying as he was walking out after the team meeting, that no coach has been officially offered the job. His primary concern at this point, however, was getting out on the road and doing some recruiting. 

The first thing he'll have to do, however, is pass a standard test required by the NCAA, simply to certify that the applicant is aware of all the rules and regulations in regard to recruiting for their level of play. 

Osborne said that he hasn't passed that test as of yet, but obviously hopes to and hit the road soon. 

The absence of a Head Coach allows Osborne to take part in recruiting. The NCAA has a limitation on the total number of coaches allowed to go on the road recruiting (seven), and with the head coaching position vacant, Osborne is free to assume that role until a new coach is put into place. 

As for the coaching search, while Osborne said no decision has been made, he hoped for a resolution to that "sooner rather than later" and said that when they know something definite, everyone else will know not long after. "There won't be any secrets," he said.

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