Not the "same 'ol, same 'ol" with Nebraska

Will Compton and the other Nebraska commitments that have ridden the storm that has followed Nebraska football over the past couple of months have displayed a lot of patience. The fact of the matter is, there are been few answers to many questions until now. With still many questions pending, Compton may be able to read the tea leaves on something else that is forthcoming.

The in-home visits have started and Nebraska commitment, Will Compton, has already had at least one. The 6-foot-2 and 220-pound linebacker from Bonne Terre (Mo.) North County had one school in-home, last night.

"Illinois was here," Compton said. "Coach Reggie Mitchell was here, the running backs coach was here. He has my area and has been my recruiting coach from Illinois."

You have to ask Compton that question though because recently some teams have picked up interest in him to play running back. It's not a fluke, Compton as a junior had 455 yards rushing on 64 attempts averaging 7.1 yards per carry while catching 51 passes for 855 yards for a 16.8 yard average.

"Illinois likes me as a MIKE. Ohio State and Arkansas are recruiting me as a running back. Both of those schools kind of came into the picture late and I think that I have the list that I want. I have been recruited for linebacker and that is the place I would rather be. I would rather play defense."

The chance to play defense, maybe immediately, may not be any greater at any school than at the school that he is currently committed to. The problem is, things have definitely changed with Nebraska. Compton acknowledged all of the changes in his process and what they meant to him.

"Fans might think that all of the change is better, but from the recruit angle it's just a huge change. You build relationships with those coaches. I met Bill Callahan. I built a relationship with him."

"With all of those questions come the other teams that come in to recruit you. They haven't been recruiting you the whole time either. You don't know what to say. They are throwing a pitch at you, but you don't know if it's you they really want. You just have to go with it."

Despite the changes that Nebraska has gone through so far, with the other changes pending, and all of the new attention that he has received; Will Compton still considers himself a Husker.

"Yes, I would still say that I am committed. I am giving whoever is coming in a chance. Right now, I am still committed to Nebraska. I am giving them a chance and I want to see what happens."

Nebraska will be in-home on Thursday. The one thing that is definitely different about this visit will be the coach that will be in-house with Compton. "Coach Shawn Watson is coming to see me on Thursday."

"Coach Watson contacted me tonight. That change just took place. It used to be Coach Cosgrove and now it's Coach Watson. We'll just see how it goes. I am going to take it how it comes."

Compton added that he is still in contact with Coach Kevin Cosgrove, but the fact that he is not making the in-home visit is interesting. Compton said that he is looking forward to meeting with Coach Watson because he has heard very good things about him and has enjoyed his conversations with him already.

Will being Will, broke the ice with Coach Watson with a joke. So far their new relationship has kicked off well. "Coach Watson told me that Tom Osborne looked at my film and said that I am a person that they want, I am a person that they need and that means a lot."

The thing that is still in the back of Compton's mind is that this Nebraska isn't the same Nebraska he committed to. There are still some things that haven't changed a lot that keeps Nebraska high in his mind.

"You see their depth and you know that you can come in and play. I know that was coming from the coach that was there and I haven't had a chance to talk to Tom Osborne. It's different getting it from someone other than Cosgrove. You knew something was different. It sounded different. You knew someone was out."

Compton was one of a core of Nebraska recruits that was influential to others when it came to committing to Nebraska and building a core. That core is, to say the least, a fraction of what it once was. Compton is still in contact with one of them.

"I still talk to Josh Williams. I last talked to Josh about a week ago; maybe around Thanksgiving. That's about it though. I know that he is committed there, but like me, there are some back-up plans in place."

One of the short list of candidates to replace Bill Callahan seems to be Bo Pelini. Pelini, who is the defensive coordinator at LSU and made the jump from the NFL to college at Nebraska, is widely regarded as one of the top, defensive minds in college football.

"I know that he is a very defensive minded guy. He is someone that you can build a program around. I know what he has done as a coordinator and I think that he is the best pick out of all of them that I have seen so far. He can sell his defense."

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