Compton gets visit from T.O.

At first, the visit from Nebraska this week was supposed to just been an in-home visit. That's old hat. Compton has had in-home visits. He has had a handful already this week. He was supposed to see a new coach though from Nebraska and that was exciting, until Nebraska postponed seeing him until Friday. On Friday, the interim head coach/athletic director was at Compton's school to see him.

The latest Nebraska commitment to get a chance to talk with Tom Osborne is linebacker, Will Compton. Compton, a 6-foot-2 and 220-pound linebacker from Bonne Terre (Mo.) North County was excited to meet Coach Osborne.

"Nebraska came to my school today," Compton said. "Coach Gilmore and Coach Osborne were at the school today. I thought it was going to be Shawn Watson."

For the first time in the recruiting process for Compton, he was nervous. The opportunity to arguably talk to the best college football coach of all time is something that he doesn't get to do normally.

"Oh my God! I was walking into the principal's office and there is Tom Osborne. They are both sitting there and it was the first time I was nervous about talking to a football coach before. It was pretty sweet sitting there talking to a living legend."

"He was talking to me about playing for his team. He's telling me that and the whole time he is talking to me I am just sitting there thinking that I really wanted his autograph."

Compton wasn't the only one. It's the first time in over a decade that Osborne has been on the recruiting trail, but everyone still knows who he is. There were people there at the school that wanted things signed.

"There were several things that got signed after we got done talking for my two principals and my coach. I didn't get anything signed. My dad got his hat signed. I got an autograph for my friend."

The conversation between Compton and the Nebraska coaching staff included a lot about what is to come at Nebraska. There are a lot of things going on in Lincoln, some of which can and can't be discussed, but Osborne was as open as he could be.

"First he told me what he was going to do and he knew that I was curious who the next head coach is going to be. He couldn't tell me who it was going to be, said not to worry about anything and said that I would like who it was going to be."

"He mentioned to me that the facilities, the academics, the tradition and the fan support that attracted me to there in the first place would all be the same. The only thing that won't be entirely would be the coaching staff. He assured me that Nebraska would get back on track."

Compton was originally set to take his official visit to Nebraska for the Kansas State game. Nebraska went and cancelled all of their official visits that weekend because of the time of the game. Compton has set up another visit date with Nebraska.

"Yeah, I will take my official visit up to Nebraska in January. They are going to try and get it for the same weekend as Josh Williams. Josh is going to come up again on an unofficial."

Compton has known Coach Ted Gilmore for a while now. He has been up to Lincoln a few times and has talked to coach a few times. In the meeting today, Coach Gilmore couldn't get over how Compton was looking.

"I have met him a few times from my trips to Lincoln. I think that he is real cool and real down to Earth. He kept telling me how good I looked, how I have filled out and how built I was. He said that about 10 times."

"I am probably around 225 right now. I have been lifting real hard for the past few weeks. I have been hitting it pretty hard since football ended. I am into that recovery and rebuild time. That is all that he kept telling me."

If there was one thing, above everything, that was the best for Compton about today and his conversation it might have been getting a little closure. All of the Nebraska recruits have wondered what was going to happen and how it affected them.

"He's very promising about Nebraska's future. I just felt comfortable talking to him about it. It was exciting and stuff, but I was interested in the relationship a little more. After that, Gilmore pulled me aside and said that I will like who Nebraska is bringing in."

"Afterward, my dad wanted to ask the coaches about the coaches honoring my scholarship after another head coach comes in. Osborne said to him that he has seen my film personally and that he can assure me and my dad that I am a guy that they want very, very badly."

"He went on saying that I have the tools and everything that they want in a player and that it's what any head coach would love to have. He told my dad not to let it cross his mind that they would drop me."

Those words, from Tom Osborne, had a profound effect on Compton. "Hearing he said that made me feel awesome; I was on top of the world. Hearing those words about me from a living legend was amazing."

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