Recruits react to Pelini announcement

While the story leaked all over on Friday and Saturday, Bo Pelini was officially announced as the Nebraska head coach this Sunday. A couple of the defensive recruits that have been waiting on this news for some time and Big Red Report got a chance to get their immediate reaction to the hire at Nebraska.

Josh Williams and Will Compton have made it very clear that the hiring of the new head coach at Nebraska will have a huge part in their commitment status. Big Red Report caught up with both of them for their reactions.

"Hey man, I am excited about it," Williams said. "He's a defensive coach and he has a great track record as a defensive coordinator at all of the places he has been."

Neither Williams or Compton were able to watch the press conference over the Internet. The word hit them second and third hand today, but ultimately they figured it would be Pelini after the rumors surfaced this weekend.

"I got the word the other day," Compton said. "They had it somewhere that he accepted it and Tom Osborne refused to comment. Between that and Gilmore's comment about how I would like who they were bringing in, I kind of put two and two together."

"I figured it was going to be him the whole time. I think that was their based option, especially based on need, because defense is where they need the most help. It was a great choice."

Compton and Williams had some opinions on what the hire actually did for them. They obviously want to talk to him, but they want to kind of get a handle of where they are on their pecking order.

"It reassures me that they have a coach in there with a background in defense," Compton said. "It's good that he is defensive minded. I haven't spoken to him or met him."

"I assume that he will be calling me later this week. I basically want to know from him that I am a want for their team and not just a need. I want to be reassured that he would have recruited me the whole time.

"I want to talk to him," Williams said. "I am going to sit back and see if I get contacted first. I think that will probably happen this week."

Compton is going to take his official visit to Lincoln in January. Williams has already taken his official visit, but is talking about getting back to Lincoln for an unofficial trip.

"I am going to try and get back up to Lincoln in January for an unofficial visit. I haven't settled on the weekend yet."

Nebraska has to move fast as Williams came away impressed with his visit to another Big 12 North school. Williams is still looking at taking another trip or two.

"I went to Kansas this weekend. It was great. I really enjoyed it. I liked the feeling that I got from the players and the coaches the most. I was really impressed."

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