The next Husker?

Talk about a story. One of the first pieces of business that Tom Osborne took care of following the announcement of the next head coach at Nebraska was to extend an offer to an in-state player. It's one of those things that in that framing is impossible to forget. This local product isn't technically a Husker yet, but that time is rapidly approaching.

The latest offer from Tom Osborne has been extended to West Point (Nebr.) Central Catholic star, Micah Kreikemeier. The 6-foot-4 and 215-point standout has 4.8 speed and has played outside linebacker, defensive end and tight end and spoke to Tom Osborne yesterday.

"Yes sir," Kreikemeier said. "Last night about 5:13, about half an hour after Bo Pelini got done speaking, Tom Osborne called me and offered me a scholarship."

Micah's father, Keith, played for Nebraska as a walk-on lineman from 1981-1985. Getting the offer, generally, for any in-state player means a lot, but the fact that his father played there in college adds some value to it as Micah was looking to just walk on.

"It meant a lot. Last week, Coach Dennis Wagner came to the school and just laid out the options about what the head coach might think. There was a possibility of a scholarship."

"A couple of years ago when I really got to thinking about it, walking on was really a possibility and a main goal. If I would have had a chance to walk on that would have been great. Obviously the full-ride scholarship is much better. It made my day. It was great."

Some questions have arose about whether or not Kreikemeier is committed to Nebraska. To be honest, he can't remember if he actually said the phrase of "I commit" or not, but there is no doubt in his mind that he will be a Husker. He has just been caught up in the moment of all of this.

"I don't know that I did. It's kind of shocking, all of this. I probably didn't say that I committed, but I will be. They are going to have someone come to the school and talk to me and I will make it official then. Yeah, I definitely will. I am planning on going to Nebraska."

"I would suppose that I would consider myself a commitment to Nebraska. I told my coach that I am going to go to Nebraska. When I was talking to Tom Osborne I don't know if I clearly got that across to him. There is no doubt that I will go to Nebraska. I will definitely make sure when I talk to Nebraska again."

The conversation between Kreikemeier and the staff will happen as soon as some of the assistants are named under new head coach, Bo Pelini. That should be happening in the coming days per Coach Pelini's press conference the other day.

The one question that might remain unanswered about Kreikemeier might be where will he play? Tom Osborne has given Micah some ideas about where he might play based on how he develops in the program.

"Mr. Osborne said outside linebacker now, rush end if I get big enough and tight end if I get fast enough. I have played all three in high school and he knows that I am capable of playing any of those."

Even though someone might play all three, doesn't mean that they like playing all three equally. Kreikemeier just wants to play and will basically do what he is asked, but he does have a bit of a preference.

"Defensively, I would say that rush end is where I am most comfortable and on offense it's playing tight end. I really don't care which side of the ball I am playing as long as I am playing. I wouldn't mind having my hand on the ground playing defensive end for Bo Pelini."

A Class C2 Honorable Mention All-State player, Kreikemeier says that he gets it done on the field for a number of different reasons. Most of all though, he is quick for a man his size.

"I would say my quickness. I get off on the ball quickly. You would say that by 4.8 speed that I am not fast, but my first step is probably what helps me out the most; that and my quick hands."

Kreikemeier also plays basketball and runs track for Central Catholic. Central Catholic is #8 this year in basketball and Kreikemeier ran the first leg of a state qualifying 4x100m team.

"I don't know what my 100m time would be. I think that my fastest is an 11.4. I was always had someone watching at the 40 to see where I was at and they always said that I had the lead at that point. At 70 to 80 that is where people typically caught me. I always had a great start."

Kreikemeier was receiving interest from Kansas and Iowa State. He just spoke to Iowa State on Friday and they were going to let him know about getting an offer or not. He was also receiving interest from Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

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