Nebraska does it again, loses on the road

Ok, this stinks. I was ready to start saying, "NU is back, NU is back". After what the Huskers did against the Tigers last week, they looked as much like an older NU team as any you have seen all year. I fully expected NU go to down to OSU and FINALLY win a road game, because the coaches said it, the players said it and even we said it to a degree, the offense and defense have finally gelled. Gelled might as well mean gelatin though as NU loses their fifth straight on the road.

OSU just came off a pasting at the hands of Kansas State. Nebraska just came off a convincing win over Missouri, where the defense shut down the budding star, Brad Smith. All the cards were in favor of NU finally getting off the road-loss snide. Someone forgot to tell Oklahoma State though.

Oklahoma State on offense, riddled the NU defense. An offense that was all but inept the previous week, looked like world beaters this week. Coach Craig Bohl didn't come out and say that they weren't ready for OSU's new offensive plan this week, but certainly eluded to just that. "Oklahoma State ran a completely different offense from last week against Kansas State. Oklahoma State ran a lot of one-back sets last week and Kansas State went at them and made them one-dimensional. In this game, Oklahoma State was using two backs with two tight ends."

Ok, pardon me from being a bit presumptuous, but does this mean that NU was preparing for an offense to do exactly what it did last week when it got pasted? Wouldn't you think they would try something different?

I guess not.

On offense, Nebraska was actually able to move the ball to a degree, but oh those penalties and oh, those turnovers. Penalties putting NU in long yardage situations and Lord losing one ball on three fumbles he had which resulted in a touchdown, yep that's the secret to NU's defeats this year.

You don't even have to watch the game. If NU lost, just write it up without ever looking. Penalties, turnovers and poor execution. When NU beats itself, it doesn't mess around.

The highlights for NU were Herian with a 44 yard reception, David Horne being the first back to get over 100 yards on the ground this year and Lord throwing for 50 percent. Yes, right about now, throwing for 50 percent is a highlight.

As for Horne, he would trade the triple-digit yards for a lot less and a win. "I would rather run for 50 and get the W." A sentiment you would find unanimous across the board as any great individual performance is always a little bitter sweet when a win doesn't come with it. "It's actually more bitter than sweet." Horne stated.


All the hope for NU fans surrounding last week's win, well, it just got flushed and went swirling. A team who's play is good at home, terrible on the road, will be struggling to find itself as it ventures down that dreaded road to College Station to play Texas A&M. NU lost the only time it was ever down there and it would appear they are going to repeat the feet.

The only bright side here is that it came to a southern division foe and that as we speak, Iowa State is getting pasted by Oklahoma. If Iowa State does lose and looking at their remaining schedule, NU will still have hope.

The question is, is there any hope left to have?

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