Meredith meets with new Husker Head Coach

The Pelini-tour goes on, the latest stop being California , where there are a host of commits who have all started to look around to a degree. One of them is Cameron Meredith, who got a chance to visit with Nebraska 's new Head Coach. He took a lot from that first-time meeting.

It would have to be hard for any Husker commit, who hasn't had much idea about the state of the program for going on the last month. Impending coaching changes, perhaps a change in philosophy – all are things of major interest if you plan on being there for the next four to five years.

For defensive end Cameron Meredith, today's visit from new Husker Head Coach Bo Pelini was a welcome sight. "We got a chance to talk for about 20 minutes or more," Meredith said. "He just wanted to tell me about what was going on at Nebraska and what he planned to do."

There's obviously instant credibility with Pelini, stemming from this season with the LSU Tigers. His defense ranks amongst the nation's best in every major statistical category. Meredith said that along with other things he's done, including his time at Nebraska , there is a lot of credibility to the message he's trying to deliver.

"It says that you are going to have a top defense, because you can see it just from what he's done," Meredith said. "Obviously LSU has one of the best defenses this year, and you see wherever he goes he just takes over a defense and from there he makes them great, like he did with the legendary "Blackshirts" at Nebraska."

What he does on paper is impressive, but Meredith went onto say that the man himself was impressive as well. "He seemed like a nice guy and he's a great coach, obviously. I just felt comfortable around him," Cameron said. "He's serious about taking over Nebraska , especially about the defense. He told me that he's going to have a big part in the defensive coordinating, so I am excited for that."

The visit certainly had a purpose for the Husker Head Coach, who was accompanied by Wide Receivers Coach and Recruiting Coordinator Ted Gilmore. It was a way to introduce himself to one of Nebraska 's standout commits and give that young man a feel about the future of Nebraska .

There have been so many questions about the program, its stability and everything else, just knowing that the Huskers have a solid foundation to build upon now, that's comforting to someone who is currently committed to play for them in the future.

What Meredith learned from Pelini today was enough to say that he was definitely still a commit to the Huskers, but as to the future, that's a little uncertain. But he's got a good feeling about the future of the big red. "Obviously, I am still committed. I am just waiting for my dad to come home from a business trip to negotiate about it and everything and we'll just go from there," he said.

"I know for sure they are going to be good in the next few years. There's no question about that, especially their defense. I'm not worried about that and that definitely boosted my confidence about Nebraska .

"I just really want to see who the Defensive Coordinator is going to be, who the defensive line coach is and just get a feel for that situation. And then we'll just have to see what happens."

The other two schools Meredith is considering seriously if Nebraska isn't the place, are Oregon and Colorado .

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