Compton expecting important visitor

If Will Compton had his way he wouldn't be right back where he is at after making his commitment to Nebraska earlier this summer. He had made up his mind. He was done. With the coaching changes though, things had to get another look by Compton. Nebraska still seems to be his leader, but others are nipping at their heels.

Nebraska commitment, Will Compton, hosted Tom Osborne last week at his school. This week, Compton will get a chance to have the new head coach and possibly some assistants at his school.

"Head Coach Bo Pelini and, I think, Ted Gilmore and Shawn Watson are coming to see me tomorrow," Compton said. "I think that it's going to be awesome."

There has been a lot of suspense leading up to the hire of the new head coach at Nebraska. Now, Compton is faced with just the anticipation of meeting Bo Pelini.

"I have been looking forward to meeting him. I am interested in meeting him, see how we get a long and see what kind of a relationship I can get developed."

Nebraska will actually be the fourth school already this week to come by and see Compton. Today was the first day this week where no school showed up to see him.

"I saw Illinois and Missouri on Monday. I had one school see me yesterday. The coach came down from Iowa yesterday and he spent the day with me."

Yesterday was interesting though. After Iowa left, Compton had made a decision to trim his list. A decision that will finally take some pressure off of this decision once again.

"After the coach from Iowa left, I sat down and talked about things with my family. I just didn't see myself going to Iowa over Nebraska, Missouri or Illinois."

"I just didn't see it happening. I didn't know if I would be able to call Coach Ferentz, but I sat down and called him and told him that I wasn't interested anymore."

"I just told him that I didn't see myself going there over the other schools I am considering. I didn't want to take a visit and waste their time and mine. I need to try and get this decision made as soon as I can."

This decision is still pending at least the visit to Nebraska. The visit to Nebraska, unfortunately, won't be until after the new year and the upcoming dead period because of Compton's schedule conflicts.

"I am taking my official visit to Nebraska in January after the dead period. It's so late, but that is how I need to schedule things. Unfortunately, that is the quickest that I can do it."

Compton is still considering himself as a commitment to Nebraska at the moment, albeit a soft one. There is still a need to get to know the new staff at Nebraska.

"I am still a Nebraska commitment. Nebraska is leading because I am the most familiar with them right now. I am a bit of a soft commit. I want to get to know the staff."

As of right now, Nebraska slightly leads over the next two schools, but in this order. "Nebraska is number one. It's still an open recruitment and I will say that Illinois is on top of Missouri."

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