Shores up commitment

One of the most surprising commitments to Nebraska this year might be David Whitmore. It's not because David isn't a quality recruit. More or less, it's because he wasn't anywhere on the recruiting services map when he committed. This Port Arthur (Texas) Memorial standout was on the tips of everyone's tongues that went to see him play in the state 7 on 7 tournament.

One of the earliest to commit to Nebraska was David Whitmore. Whitmore, a 6-foot-1 and 180-pound cornerback from Port Arthur (Texas) Memorial, had some visitors from Nebraska last night.

"Nebraska was in-home with David last night," Head Coach Ronnie Thompson said. "They firmed up the commitment. Maybe you call it re-firm it up?"

Coach Thompson seemed to indicate that there might have been some doubt to Whitmore about attending Nebraska after the coaching changes. However, one thing that is obvious to Coach Thompson is that with Tom Osborne in Lincoln that things will be right.

"Whatever Nebraska did, Tom Osborne is going to honor David's commitment. Tom is not going to come back to Nebraska to screw things up."

"Nebraska came into Whitmore's home last night and Nebraska reaffirmed their commitment to David and he reaffirmed his commitment to them."

Coach Thompson said that Nebraska and David didn't need to do what they did, but this is about honor now with handshakes and verbal commitments. Coach Thompson knows that anything can change until signing day.

Coach Thompson said he was pretty sure that it was a position coach that was in-home with David last night. "I understand it was a position coach and not Tom Osborne that was with David last night."

Whitmore, according to the Port Arthur Memorial website, had received honorable mention all-conference honors as a cornerback.

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