Huskers meet with Hetzer

The new Nebraska staff has been making the rounds. The first priority, it seems, was to develop a relationship with all of Nebraska's current list of commitments. Earlier in the week, Bo Pelini made a trip out to California where he met with junior college tight end, Tyson Hetzer. The meeting went well.

One of the recruits in this year's class that might have an immediate impact could be Tyson Hetzer. Hetzer, a 6-foot-7 and 250-pound tight end from Citrus (Calif.) Junior College was impressed with the new staff.

"Nebraska came by the school the other night to talk to me," Hetzer said. "Coach Bo Pelini and Ted Gilmore came by to see me."

"We talked about who was coming back as far as coaching and the offense that was going to be run. That was critical to me to know how I fit in as far as being a recruit."

Hetzer had questions and Nebraska had answers. All of his questions got an answer that he was hoping to get. Overall, the meeting was about as painless as possible.

"I had a lot of questions. I wanted to know if Coach Shawn Watson was coming back and he is. I wanted to know that they will be running the same offense and they are. It was pretty straight forward."

One of the reasons it's so critical to keep Hetzer on board is because he can transfer, mid-term. Hetzer will be in Lincoln in just about a month.

"I graduate this December so I will be enrolling at Nebraska in the spring. They are looking forward to me getting there as soon as possible."

Hetzer met the receivers coach, but not the tight ends coach. He was pleased to know that the new tight ends coach has been at Nebraska before.

"I found out that my coach at Nebraska will be Ron Brown. He is going to be coaching tight ends. He's a former coach from Nebraska."

The season at Citrus (Calif.) went well as far as Hetzer was concerned. Things could have been better, but when can't they be?

"It went well. We were 7-3, which was really good. We should have been 10-0. It was possible. We just had some problems on offense. We had a really good team."

"I was honorable mention all-league as a tight end. I don't know how many catches I had. It was around 20 receptions or so, I think."

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