Compton meets Pelini

There has been a couple of things that Nebraska commitments have looked forward to for some time. The first, was a chance to meet and talk to Tom Osborne. The other was a chance to meet the new head coach. Since being named the new head coach, Coach Pelini has been on the road a lot meeting with the commitments. Will Compton was one of the latest to get a visit.

If things could be anymore confusing right now for Will Compton, then he isn't sure how that would be possible. A Nebraska commitment since this summer, Compton has endured and remains a Nebraska commitment.

That's not to say that Compton is 100% committed to Nebraska. He is looking around a bit and it was a big deal to understand how Nebraska viewed him now. He got some good information on Thursday from Bo Pelini.

"Coach Pelini and Coach Ted Gilmore were at my school this week," Compton said. "I had some questions in mind for him when he came to the school and he gave me his answers."

"First of all, I wanted to make sure that I was a wanted guy for their team. I wanted to know if he knew who I was or looked at my tape."

The answers that Compton received were about as good as he could have expected.

"He assured me that he knew about me before he even came to Nebraska. That was a good thing. He told me how he is going to run the defense and how he is going to bring the Blackshirts back."

If there is one difference for Compton from when he committed to now it might be where Nebraska is viewing him to play. Everyone other than Nebraska liked Compton at MIKE. Nebraska originally recruited him at WILL. That has changed.

"Coach Pelini wants me to play the MIKE position. He wants to put everything through me. He said that he is going to fill my head with everything about playing defense that I won't even believe that I know all of it."

The change of positions is of little consequence to Will's decision. He actually wanted to play MIKE originally, but had committed to Nebraska with the idea of playing WILL.

"It's better, but I mean I liked the fact that he had me at the WILL position before. It didn't really matter to me, but I would have rather played MIKE. That is all I thought about playing. It's cool how he wants me to run everything now."

The impression that Bo Pelini left on Will Compton might be described as a lasting impression. "He exceeded my expectations. He is very, very, very passionate about defense. I can just tell that is what he loves to do."

"He has a fire about him. He like to play an attacking defense. He assured me that the defense is going to get going right away and that the Blackshirt defense will be back."

The confusion has totally set in for Compton. He is still a Nebraska commitment, and might have actually been growing more comfortable with some of the other schools that started to recruit him, but the Bo Pelini visit has helped out the cause.

"I still think that I need to look around, just at the three schools, and Illinois has jumped up the ranks a little. I will find out more about Missouri after I take the official visit there next weekend."

Will makes his official visit to Nebraska on January 11. That will be one week after he expects to go and play in the Offense-Defense All-American game in Miami on January 4.

"I received their invitation earlier this week. I think that it's frigging awesome to get the nomination. It's an honor to be called an All-American. I only get one chance like this to do this."

Compton said that he hasn't officially accepted the nomination yet to play in the game, but that he will be accepting the bid later this week.

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