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It's a little bit like miracle working right now. The defections from the Nebraska recruiting class have been coming left and right it seems. There have been a few more on the offensive side of the ball than the defensive, but retaining the defense is something that the Nebraska staff has had to make a priority. Today, they got one back in full.

Last week, Doug Rippy gave Big Red Report an interview that was just not right. You have to talk to Rippy to understand what that means. He just wasn't himself.

Rippy wears his emotion on his sleeve a little bit. Tonight, Big Red Report caught up with the 6-foot-2 and 220-pound linebacker from Trotwood (Ohio) Trotwood-Madison, and he was sounding a bit different.

"I'm committed to Nebraska, man," Rippy said. "I'm firm with my commitment and I am sticking to it."

That is a big change from looking around and doubting his commitment to Nebraska just as little as a week ago. What happened?

"Bo Pelini and Mike Eckeler came by the school and they told me that they knew things have been hectic lately. They told me that they needed me."

Rippy's response to the new head coach at Nebraska and the new linebacker coach was simple, "I told them that I wasn't going anywhere."

"All I really wanted to do was sit down with coach and get everything straight. It went really well today."

Rippy said that meeting Coach Pelini met up to his expectations of the new head coach. He saw and heard what he needed to in today's visit to say that he will be a Husker.

"As a person, he's great. He's straight up and honest. I was shocked. They sat there for two hours to just talk to me."

"He put forth the effort to sit there and talk to me and get me again. I am going up to Nebraska this weekend for my official visit."

Rippy was supposed to go to Colorado this weekend, but he will cancel that visit and go to Lincoln instead. Rippy hoped to achieve one more thing with this interview.

"I want to get everything cleared up. I don't want anymore rumors out there about me. I was going to look at some other schools, but I really knew where I wanted to be at."

"I couldn't have asked for anything better. It was a great meeting today and I was glad that I got a chance to talk to the head coach."

While Coach Pelini was at Trotwood-Madison, it seems that he took the time to look at a lineman that is there as well. "They offered Chris Freeman. He's like 6-foot-8 and 340-pounds. Where I go, he's going to go."

"I felt really comfortable talking to them. I can't tell you that enough. It really was a great experience to meet with them today and get firmed back up."

Rippy included that he will no longer be able to transfer at mid-term. Nebraska will have to wait until the summer for Doug Rippy, but it's better to have to wait than not expect him at all.

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